Taylor Swift Dumps Calvin Harris?

According to the latest reports, there might be something wrong in Taylor Swift’s relationship with Calvin Harris. The rumors indicate that Taylor might have actually dumped her famous boyfriend for no one else than Tom Hiddleston. 

The news was revealed by an insider in a report for the National Enquirer. The report indicated that Taylor decided to end her relationship with the popular DJ because she was enchanted by Tom Hiddleston. Actually, the report said that the singer and the actor had a special relationship. 

The two were spotted dancing together at the Met Gala, earlier this month. Of course, it has been speculated that Taylor and Tim had hooked up, although the rumor was not confirmed. The source claimed that Taylor wanted to go out to town with Tim. However, the insider claimed that Calvin Harris was not happy at all with this special relationship between his girlfriend and Tim. 

As imagined, Gossip Cop quickly came to dismiss the claims, saying that the whole story was untrue. And it seems that Gossip Cop might be right after all, as the couple was seen out in California and Taylor and Calvin seemed to be doing perfectly fine. 

Well, if things might be going well for Taylor and Calvin after all, it seems that there is another story which has put the spotlight on the famous singer. Another report indicated that Katy Perry considered that Taylor Swift was responsible for the fact that Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez were pictured together. 

Orlando and Selena were seen together at an after party in Las Vegas, on May 6. The two were spotted getting cozy, although the alleged cheating story has been dismissed. Now, an insider claimed that Katy Perry “is putting the blame for this on Taylor Swift.” “She said that Selena has wanted her man forever,” the insider added. Furthermore, it claimed that Selena was influenced by Taylor to “make her move.” “But Orlando told Katy that he would never ever cheat on her because he is in love with her,” the insider concluded.

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