Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston Meet Each Other’s Family

Things are getting very serious very fast between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. It seems that the pair is taking their romance as serious as possible and they are making everything public. So, not only that Taylor and Tom have not been afraid to show their affection for one another in public, but they have also already met each other’s family. 

So, Taylor introduced her new boyfriend to her family during a visit to her hometown, Nashville. The pair reportedly spent several hours with Taylor’s parents, then they met for a double date with Taylor’s friend Holly Williams, and her husband. During the time out, Taylor and Tom seemed to be very comfortable with each other, being spotted kissing and holding hands. Sources claimed that the two stars seemed very affectionate with each other. 

Well, if Tom met Taylor’s parents, the singer also flew to the UK to meet up with the actor’s mom. The new couple spent 24 hours in Tom’s homeland, where Taylor met Diana, Tom’s mother. The Daily Mail posted some photos of Taylor, Tom and Diana, and they were seen walking down the street with their hands wrapped around each other, laughing and enjoying a great time. 

Without a doubt, it seems that Taylor, Tom and their families are getting along really well. Some sources claimed that the actor wanted to show to his beautiful girlfriend the countryside where he grew up. The pair reportedly rented a Jaguar and traveled around the area with Tom showing the famous singer all his favorite places.  

The pair even stopped for some coffee and then got back to their city trip. Taylor and Tom have been moving very fast to the next level of their relationship. The pair started to date only a few weeks ago and they actually became a couple almost immediately after Taylor Swift ended her 15-months relationship to Calvin Harris. The exact moment when Tom and Taylor began dating remains unclear. The pair has not officially talked about the new romance and Taylor has not addressed any rumors regarding the reasons why she and Calvin Harris separated. 

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