Taylor Kinney Talks about Upcoming Wedding

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga are set to be married soon. The happy couple has not been trying to hide the fact that they are planning their wedding and actually Taylor has been quite open in talking about the happy event. The actor has now revealed something more about the wedding. 

So, Kinney claimed that he is very much involved in the wedding planning. However, there is one thing he does not want to know about and that naturally is the wedding dress. Of course, what Gaga will wear at the wedding is something that everyone asks. Lady Gaga is known for her shocking fashion choices when it comes to public events, but this actually is a personal event, so the famous singer is not expected to wear something to shock. 

Well, Taylor is certain that his future wife will make the best decision and without a doubt, Gaga will look spectacular. “I’ll leave it up to her, that’s in her court,” Taylor clarified. He also revealed that although they started to plan the event, they haven’t fully decided on the wedding date. “We keep on, back and forth on dates, and I think it’ll just be a surprise,” Taylor said. 

The actor also explained why Lady Gaga wasn’t by his side while he received the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Dramatic TV Actor. Taylor said that his fiancée wanted to be there, but unfortunately due to her busy schedule, she couldn’t. “Yeah, I talked to her. She called, she’s in Vegas right now, she has a show, she couldn’t be here but she wanted to,” Taylor said. 

“So I got to talk to her and she said congrats and all that good stuff,” he added. Taylor also claimed that he and Gaga still manage to find time for each other. “Spend time together, you find time,” he said. Taylor Kinney revealed that this is how they were able to make their relationship work, despite their very busy schedules. With their busy schedules, it is yet to find out when Taylor and Lady Gaga will decide to hold their wedding. 

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