Tax evasion

The objective is to detect deviations greater between the estimated debt and debt declared, crossing all available information on the city. When you notice an excessive difference between the actual capacity of expenditure and income declared, immediately snap checks of the Guardia di Finanza.

The impact of expenditure in the new Redditometro will be calculated according to the composition of families and geographic location.

This is the first measure implemented by the Ministry of Economy (wanted by Tremonti) to intensify the fight against tax evasion. Will cross the data on income, on homes, cars, boats taxpayers. The Financial Police showed reporters the first use of the new instrument were controlled taxpayers who have purchased this year alone, a machine cost more of their annual income. The result? Well one hundred thousand Italians spent on “basic” machine more than they said last year. Perhaps it is the case for better control …

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