Tattoos Make Way To New Business: Tattoo Removal

Tattoos may be in fashion, but they have slowly made way to a new business idea, that is, tattoo removal. The first and most successful tattoo removal studio is Dr. Will Kirby’s office which appears to be increasingly more popular as the years go by, Reuters relates.

Very few people used to have tattoos at the beginning of the 20th Century and they were usually sailors and marine officers. Nowadays, their number has increased considerably, so almost every person has at least one tattoo, irrespective of their profession. When they first started their business, Dr. Will Kirby and his associate never thought they would be as successful as they are today. Still, they decided to do it because they noticed that there was not a single tattoo removal studio in their town.

Kirby had a good start, too. On their first day at the Tattoff clinic, they registered 90 requests for tattoo removals. Six years later, Will estimates that he had performed around 50,000 treatments to various people who wanted to get rid of their inks. This growing popularity has enabled Kirby to open two other locations in Texas, but he has bigger plans for the future. He wants to open another location in Texas in the near future and, possibly, expand his clinic in every state within the following five years.

A recent study performed in Northwestern University in 2006 explains what might have pushed people to remove the inks they once made. According to the results of the study, the popularity that tattoos have gained in the past years makes them undesirable among people. This form of art was once reserved for bikers and gang members, but now they have been socially accepted by everyone and this, simply doesn’t make them interesting anymore. Another reason would be that the tattoo removal techniques have been greatly diversified in the past years making it a lot easier for patients to get rid of unwanted body inks. Last, but not least, there is a restrained group of people who love tattoos so much that they no longer have free body parts for new ones. As a consequence, they resort to tattoo removal clinics in order to make way for new inks.

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