Target Ignored Data Breach Reports

Target is in the middle of a huge scandal, after reports indicate that the company has decided to ignore warnings on a potential attack. 

So, the computer security system of Target has alerted the company that suspicious activity might be found in the system. It seems that hackers infiltrated in the network last year. However, despite the warning, Target ignored the potential threat. 

This means that the company has allowed hackers into its system, resulting in the largest data breaches recorded until now, which was allowed to proceed with no disturbance.

What has Target to say about this? “With the benefit of hindsight, we are investigating whether, if different judgments had been made, the outcome may have been different,” a spokeswoman for the company claimed in a statement. 

Reports indicate that Target acknowledged about this situation only on Thursday. According to the New York Times, before the attack the company actually installed a security software. The software was designed by FireEye and it worked as it was created. 

This means that the software issued several alarms, indicating that something might threaten the system, on November 30. However, Target did nothing, as they actually did not realize the severity of the situation. “Through our investigation, we learned that after these criminals entered our network, a small amount of their activity was logged and surfaced to our team. That activity was evaluated and acted upon,” the spokesperson for Target added. 

Moreover, she went on to explain that the company conducted an investigation of this activity, but the team decided that it was no need to take action. Unfortunately, the credit and debit card information of more than 40 million customers might have been compromised. Mailing addresses of over 70 million people were exposed, as well. 

The security issue in this system was first reported by Bloomberg Businessweek. Target claimed that following the exposure, they suffered massive loss when it comes to sales. The company is still trying to recover. Beth M. Jacob, the senior technology executive at Target, resigned from the company, following the events. She was the only high-level executive to leave, while the investigation on the case continues. 

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