Tanning Mom Inspires ‘Tanorexic’ Doll

The Inquisitr reports that Patricia Krentcil, better known as “Tanning Mom” from New Jersey inspired spoof ‘Tanorexic’ doll. The doll is produced and sold by Home Builders who have started to consider launching a new trend of ugly dolls.

Patricia Krentcil was charged with accusations of child endangerment last week after putting her five-year-old daughter in a tanning bed. The woman denied the allegations saying that the girl got sunburned while hanging out in the courtyard even though she used proper sun protection. Ever since her case was first made public by the media, the tanorexic woman, who is excessively bronzed, was spoofed by numerous publications and comedy shows.

As if the attention she received was not enough, Home Builders decided to produce the ‘tanorexic’ doll. The toy looks very much like the woman who inspired it, that is, it is blonde and her face is overly brown. Unlike the glamorous Barbie dolls that we have grown accustomed to, the ‘tanorexic’ doll doesn’t come with elegant gown and outfits. Producers have chosen a black costume and a short white top as the only outfit that children will receive with the toy.

In case you were still wondering whether Krentcil was indeed the woman behind this doll, Hero Builders founder, Emil Vicale made an official declaration saying that they decided to make the doll when they first saw “tanning mom” on TV. He then, added that he would have never thought of making something “as hideous as this” if it hadn’t been for the recent scandal.

This is the first ugly doll that was released on the market. If the idea turns out to be successful, Home Builders might consider launching a new line of hideous toys. People who want to purchase this doll will have to take $30 out of their wallets.

Even though her case is now under investigation, Patricia Krentcil still feels aggrieved. She told the press that she was innocent and that the person who pressed charges against her was probably “fat, jealous and ugly”.

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