Tamera Mowry Wants A Baby Boy

The 33-year-old actress Tamera Mowry has barely came forward and announced everybody she and her husband Adam Housley are expecting a baby. Relishing the beginning of motherhood, Tamera Mowry wants a baby boy because raising a girl seems like a trip in the unknown.

Due in early November, Tamera Mowry’s child and her sister’s 10-month-old son are going to grow up together. Perhaps Tia’s son is going to have the same influence in Tamera’s child life as his mother. In fact, as pregnant Tamera Mowry told MyStyle.com, Tia kind of knew she was pregnant before she got the news.

“I told Tia over the phone”, says Tamera, “Her first words were, ‘I knew it!’ She could just tell. She had that twin intuition. She’s so happy”.

Although she is still enjoying the first weeks of pregnancy, Tamera Mowry is already worrying whether or not she’s going to be a good mom. As she confessed, growing up her mom was “very, very strict” so Tamera doesn’t want to make the same mistakes. She doesn’t “want to be too strict” but not “too lenient” either.

Like most mothers to be, Tamera hopes for balance and makes a promise to herself she won’t spoil the baby, but obviously that’s not going to happen. “I’ll probably cry at everything – every milestone, every achievement. I did that with my brothers. I hope I will be a great mom. Every mom-to-be says that, and they say if you’re thinking that, you will be”.

Plus, she hopes for a baby boy, because the thought of raising a girl scares her. “I want a boy because I have two brothers whom I love and adore” Tamera told MyStyle.com. “I helped raise my brothers so I have somewhat of an experience raising boys. I haven’t the slightest idea about raising a girl. It’s like the unknown”.

According to Tamera Mowry, her husband Adam is going to be a “hands-on dad”. She says that Adam Housley loves kids and “he’s hands-on with his niece and nephews”, so no worries there.

Since the baby is due in November, we’ve got some waiting to do before seeing the little bundle of joy. Meanwhile prepare to enjoy season two of “Tia & Tamera”. Don’t forget it starts June 11!

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