Tallulah Willis Involved In Nude Photo Scandal


It’s bad news for Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. A report puts their 18-year-old daughter in the middle of a brand celebrity kid nude photo scandal. Apparently someone is selling four pictures of Tallulah fully topless and smoking a joint innocently in front of the camera.

For the most part, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughters have done their share of embarrassing their parents in the media headlines. With the nude photo scandal Tallulah joins her older sisters Scout and Rumer in police records.

Over the years, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore had their own troubles raising teenagers. Celebrity teenagers for that matter. Only last month their 20-year-old daughter Scout visited the insides of a police station in New York after she was arrested for underage drinking and the possession and use of a fake ID.

Many years ago, Rumer, their oldest daughter, had her share of police encounters herself. In 1997 the police arrested a group of four persons from a hotel room in Aberdeen, and Rumer was one of them. They were busted for marijuana possession but Rumer was not arrested.

However, Tallulah Willis’s nude photo scandal is a whole other thing. For once it’s her smoking what could easily pass for a joint that could get her in trouble. Tallulah only turned 18 earlier this year, and according to RadarOnline the nude photos were taken when she was still 17.

But smoking a joint is nowhere near as damaging as the nude photo scandal. RadarOnline isn’t giving many details, but apparently there are four pictures out there that could really be compromising. “Four pictures, allegedly of Willis, who turned 18 on February 3, are being offered for sale, showing Tallulah fully topless, mugging for the camera and toking on what appears to be a joint” writes the source.

If the nude photos are indeed featuring a topless Tallulah Willis then Bruce and Demi’s daughter just got on quite a big list of stars involved in nude photo scandals. Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus and even Jessica Alba had their own share of embarrassing moments in the media due to revealing photos.


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