“Taken 2”, Better Than “Argo”

Liam Neeson’s new movie, “Taken2” continues to be the most-requested motion picture registering better results than “Argo”. The Associated Press reports that the action sequel is still at Nr. 1 after pulling in $22.5 million during its second weekend.

Critics might have misjudged “Taken 2” as customers think the 20th Century Fox’s sequel is not a second-rate movie. The film has been running in theaters for more than a week and despite this, it seems like increasingly more film goers want to buy tickets to Liam Neeson’s latest flick. Judging by the recent box office reports, “Taken 2” was even better than “Argo”, the Iranian hostage thriller starring Ben Affleck.

“Taken 2” gathered $22.5 million during its second week, whereas its domestic total amounts to $87.8 million. Even though “Argo” could not beat its adversary’s revenues, the movie ended up at Nr. 2 due to its $20.1 million cashing.

Box office analyst, Paul Dergarabedian told the press that the success of “Taken 2” proves that critics’ review rarely influence viewers’ choices. Film goers love Liam Neeson’s action role and they are willing to buy tickets to the new movie just to see him play the part of the former CIA agent. Similar to “Taken”, the sequel portrays another fight between the ex-CIA agent and the gang of Albanians that kidnapped his daughter in the first movie. 

“Argo”, on the other hand, has become popular due to the numerous praises it received from Academy Award critics. While the movie didn’t cash in as much money as critics and producers were expecting, Ben Affleck’s flick did a pretty good job during its first weekend. Ticket sales grew up to 47 percent from Friday to Saturday which means that the movie’s popularity could increase in the following weeks thanks to word of mouth. Ben Affleck is the protagonist and the director of a real-life story about a CIA agent who comes up with an unusual plan to save six American hostages from Tehran.

The second debut of the weekend was Ethan Hawke’s “Sinister” which landed on the third place with $18.3 million, whereas “Here Comes The Boom” registered only $12 million sales and ended up at Nr. 5. “Seven Psychopaths” featuring Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson finished at Nr. 9.

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