Take a Look At Mark Zuckerberg’s Childhood Website

Mark Zuckerberg is still known as the youngest CEO although his famous social network has been around for a couple of years. The co-founder of Facebook started practicing his developer skills at an early age. His first Angelfire website, which was recently discovered, may look a little childish and unprofessional, but it is, nevertheless, a good proof of Zuckerberg’s undisputable talent.

There aren’t clear pieces of evidence indicating that the website is indeed Mark Zuckerberg’s work of art, but the personal details that have been provided suggest that the CEO used the Angelfire platform to practice his web developing skills. The Internet page is rather simple, but has some interesting concepts, as well. Entitled Mark’s homepage, the site welcomes visitors with a blinking yellow-eye. The description says: “Hello and welcome to my page! The only page where a yellow eye blinks at you.”

The homepage set on a grey background features a list of other linked pages created by Mark. The Java app called “The Web” is particularly interesting because it bears some striking resemblances with the principles used at the core of Facebook. As the administrator of the website, Mark, writes, the applet is meant to bring friends together by linking their names on the Internet page. For that, he requests visitors to email him their names and the names of two persons they know from the provided list. In spite of the differences, the website shows that Zuckerberg has always been interested in creating a social network.

There is also a “The Best…” page where the creator of the website names a list of best persons and things in his life. He describes himself as a 15-year-old Slim Shady (it was a common nickname when Mark was a high school student), who is keen on developing websites and promoting them with the help of search engines. He was also good at SEO, judging by the “Magnetic Poetry” page he introduced on the website, where words are randomly selected to form strange sentences.

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