Takata Airbag Recall Announced Nationwide

US regulators have just announced the recall of Takata airbags, nationwide. The official announcement has been made by federal safety regulators on Tuesday. They claimed that all automakers will have to conduct recalls of the vehicles that contain airbags made by Takata. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will make sure that all automakers will comply with this decision. In case automakers will not agree with the recall, the agency will “use the full extent of its statutory powers.” Naturally, the news will create confusion among car makers, so the agency claimed that they will also provide a list of the exact car models that have to be recalled. 

However, it is believed that this will be a huge recall, including millions of cars made by BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda or Chrysler. Models most likely include the vehicles released in 2008, as well as earlier. Still, the agency will confirm exactly the number of cars and how many vehicles will be recalled from each car maker. 

Takata has been in the middle of a huge scandal due to the deadly defect in its airbags. Millions of cars have been recalled last month, when car owners were announced that they need to have their vehicles fixed. However, it was later revealed that the car parts that were needed for the job were yet unavailable. 

In fact, since 2008, more than 14 million vehicles have been recalled with concerns over the Takata airbags. Unfortunately, no less than 5 deaths have been linked to the issue. The defect is very serious, as it can cause the airbags to explode when they deploy in an accident. This can spray metal debris from the casing into the car and injure the passengers. It has been claimed that moisture can be a factor that influences this situation. 

The most affected car maker by the Takata defective airbags has been Honda. The famous company has already claimed that it is ready to cooperate with the regulators to make sure that its vehicles will become safe enough for their users. Ford also issued a response to these latest revelations and said it will cooperate with the safety agency. It is yet to find out how many vehicles will be recalled.

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  1. First, I received notice my ’05 Cad. had a defective switch with deadly consequences and now an air bag with the same possibilities. Let’s get them fixed.

    I should be supplied with a loaner.

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