Takata Airbag Recall

This is the second time this year when a long term defect linked to injuries and even deaths has triggered an auto-safety crisis. This situation has led to many criticism and voices that had said that federal regulators haven’t gave enough diligence to protect consumers from such dangers. We are talking about airbags made by Japanese auto supplier named Takata. They are blamed for almost three deaths and over 100 injuries. 

Actually, the Department of Transportation decided to make a review of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, because of their handling of the Takata airbag recall which took place this week. Approximately 9 automakers have issued recalls linked to several airbag problems, as in a crash the airbag can explode with a lethal spray of jagged metal.

The automotive parts company, Takata, has had big issues with airbag defects for many years. So, this airbag situation is only the most recent problem for the agency. They had many other similar situations in the past. An investigation found that the agency didn’t look into the ruptures of airbags, until the problem has reached a crisis level and customers were injured or had died. Federal regulators only decided to stop an investigation because there was “insufficient information” to claim that the company has failed to take measures in a proper time.

More than 13 million automobiles have been recalled by 10 automakers for the rupture of airbag, including here Honda. More than 9 million recalls have been made in the United States. Three deaths and many other injuries have been attributed to Takata airbags. Investigators had claimed that even a minor accident can spread little metal parts into the car’s cabin.

This reminds us about the General Motors recall on 7 February 2014. The famous automaker recalled about 700.000 of its small cars due to faulty ignition switches. This problem could shut off the engine during driving. General Motors continued to recall more the 27 million cars worldwide and 23 million in the United States. It has been claimed that GM approved the switches in 2002, even though they have doubt in their safety standards.

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