Taiwan Wants Apple To Blur Military Base Satellite Images

Apparently, there are people still using Apple’s faulty Maps app, because Taiwan is asking the company to blur any military base satellite images.

Whereas Apple Maps might not get you to your destination, the Silicon Valley company’s app does have some aspects that might make users give it another try. Taiwan has requested Apple to blur any sensitive military base satellite images. Apparently Apple Maps has revealed the position of Taiwan’s $1.2 billion top-secret radar site.

On Tuesday, Taiwan Defense Ministry spokesman David Lo announced that Apple has revealed the location of a very important military base, carrying a radar station that can detect missiles from far, far away… David Lo suggested that Apple should change its resolution for satellite imagery and use low-resolution pictures like Google.

“Regarding images taken by commercial satellites, legally we can do nothing about it” said David Lo in his press statement. “But we’ll ask Apple to lower the resolution of satellite images of some confidential military establishments the way we’ve asked Google in the past” David Lo added.

According to Taiwan officials, the Liberty Times newspaper published a picture taken in Apple Maps of the military base’s location. The Taiwan military base in question should be top-secret, since the 10-story high radar is about to go online sometime this year.

PhysOrg reports that the top-secret radar base was found in the northern county of Hsinchu, Taiwan. “The Hsinchu base houses a cutting-edge long-range radar procured from the United States in 2003. Construction of the radar is expected to be completed by the end of the year” reads PhysOrg’s report.

From PhysOrg’s sources, the top-secret radar and military base have technology supplied by Raytheon, an US defence group. Taiwan military officials say that this radar “is capable of detecting missiles launched as far away as Xinjiang in China’s northwest”.

Taiwan officials are saying that Apple Maps is exposing sensitive images that could put the country in danger. The radar is worth $1.23 billion and is meant to give Taiwan a heads-up if the Chinese send a missile attack.

With Taiwan’s complaint about the Maps app, Apple users might get curious enough to give it another try while they search for the radar and other military base locations themselves.

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