Selena and The Weeknd Plan to Spend Easter Together

There is no doubt in the fact that things are going great for Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. The two have been dating for a few months now and they are planning to spend Easter together. The famous singers are said to be planning a romantic Easter gateway.

And it seems that Selena wants her boyfriend to spend Easter with her family. It has been claimed that she asked The Weeknd to “go back home with her to spend time with her family.” The two singers are planning a gateway as they have more time to spend together now, considering that The Weeknd has ended his South American tour, part of his big international tour.

Insiders claimed that the pair will surely spend Easter together, although they are not yet sure where. Selena wants The Weeknd to “go back home with her to spend time with her family, but she’s also open to the idea of going on a romantic getaway with him” a source said according to Hollywood Life. The insider revealed that The Weeknd may actually be planning a secret vacation, as a surprise for his girlfriend.

Well, it surely seems that it does not matter for Selena where she and her boyfriend will go, she just wants to spend “some uninterrupted alone time with her man.” Well, if the pair will go away for some alone time, this would actually not be their first vacation together. They already went on a trip to Italy, visiting Florence and Venice.

Selena and The Weeknd’s romance has surely evolved since the two were first spotted together in December, 2016. They were several times seen together and even more so Selena decided to show her support for her boyfriend by accompanying him at some of his shows during his international tour. The two have reportedly already met each other’s families and The Weeknd’s family really liked the young singer. Some insiders claimed that they gave their approval for the two to date, as they believe that Selena was very friendly and they all enjoyed her presence.

Selena Gomez Meets The Weeknd’s Mom

Things are evolving when it comes to the relationship between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd. According to a new rumor, the singer met The Weeknd’s family and it appears that the encounter went really well. Selena actually got approval from his boyfriend’s mom after visiting her in his hometown.

The singer is definitely happy that she got approval from Samara Tesfaye, her boyfriend’s mother. The musician and Selena visited Toronto, Canada, recently for Selena to meet the family. This was actually the first time when she and Samara met and reportedly they really loved each other. One insider talking to Hollywood Life confirmed that the meeting went really well.

“The Weeknd’s mom lives less than an hour away from downtown Toronto and yes, she and Selena have met,” the insider said. “They absolutely adore each other,” the source added. “She treated them both to a homemade Ethiopian dinner,” it went on to add. The same source explained that Selena met with other family members, as well.

“She also got a chance to meet some other family members, and a couple of close friends,” the insider revealed. “Selena hopes to spend more time with his family, especially his mom, when Abel [The Weeknd’s real name] returns for a couple of shows in May,” it concluded. So, this means that Selena plans on visiting once again and spending more time with the family.

Selena and The Weeknd started dating earlier this year and they were not afraid to show that they were a couple. In fact, the two have not tried to hide their romance and were spotted together on several occasions. They were most recently seen enjoying a movie night in Toronto. Apparently, the pair wanted privacy, so the musician actually rented the whole VIP section of the movie theater. The pair watched Got Out, a comedy horror movie.

An insider who spotted the two stars during their movie date claimed that they were very affectionate to one another and Selena was “super cute with him.” She allegedly was seen hugging The Weeknd. Without a doubt, things couldn’t be better in this romance.