Taylor Swift’s Mom Likes Joe Alwyn

Things seem to be going great and to be evolving fast when it comes to Taylor Swift’s newest relationship. Reportedly, the famous singer has been dating actor Joe Alwyn and the relationship is going great. Now, it seems that not only Taylor is happy with Joe, but actually her family approves of her new relationship.

A new report has claimed that Taylor has already introduced Joe to her family, which actually loves him. Hollywood Life reported that the famous singer introduced Joe to the family in Nashville and Taylor’s mother approved the relationship because she believes that the actor is “a real gentleman.” The report indicated that Taylor and Joe spent a weekend together in Nashville.

“[Taylor] took Joe to her mom’s house this weekend in Tennessee and her mom already loves Joe,” a source said according to the celebrity site. “After a mellow weekend in Nashville, Taylor and Joe hopped back on her jet on Monday, for the 3rd time in about 5 days, and are continuing their romantic vacation elsewhere,” the same source added.

The insider claimed that Taylor’s mom likes Joe because he is such a nice man. “Taylor‘s mom is super sweet, loving and supportive of her daughter so it was easy for her to like Joe who she thinks is a real gentlemen. She totally approves of their relationship,” the source claimed. “Taylor kept things cozy, intimate and private all weekend. Taylor and Joe enjoyed the low-key weekend with family in Nashville,” the insider also said about the time the two stars spent together over the weekend.

It has previously been said that Taylor wanted to keep her relationship with Joe away from the public’s eye, as she just wants to enjoy it and not rush things. Allegedly, the singer also likes how “non-Hollywood Joe is.”

Joe Alwyn Moving to the US to be closer to Taylor Swift

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift are a couple according to the latest rumors. Now, it has been claimed that in order for the two to be closer and able to spend more time together, Alwyn decided to relocate to the United States. Furthermore, it has been said that Joe hopes that moving to the US will help him improve his relationship with Taylor, but also get more opportunities in his acting career.

So, without a doubt the rumors are saying that things are getting serious between the two famous stars. They were first linked earlier this month, when reports claimed that they have been dating for quite some time and are in a serious relationship. The reports also said that Taylor and Joe wanted to keep the relationship a secret, so they were trying to hide their dates from the public eye.

Well, now The Sun reported that Joe is ready to make an important change in his life for the sake of his new girlfriend. The report claimed that the British actor will be moving to the US soon. An insider talking to the new outlet said that he just wants to be close to her. “Joe really wants to be near Taylor and moving to the U.S. will mean they can spend much more time together,” the source said.

“That means Taylor will still be able to continue her love affair with London where she can walk around unnoticed and live a relatively normal life,” the same insider went on to add. The insider claimed that Joe also hopes that the move will be beneficial for his career. The famous actor hopes that he will get more important roles if he will be closer to Hollywood.

The rumors were not confirmed. Previously, it has been claimed that Joe and Taylor were introduced by friends Gigi Hadid and Emma Stone, who believed that the two would make a great couple.

Taylor Swift Dating Joe Alwyn

It seems that there is a new man in Taylor Swift’s life. We are talking about Joe Alwyn, as a series of reports have claimed that he is currently dating the famous singer. Furthermore, it has been claimed that the two stars are an item thanks to Emma Stone and Gigi Hadid.

Without a doubt, Emma and Gigi are Taylor’s friends, so there is no wonder that they are said to have been the matchmakers for the new couple. Emma actually introduced Joe to Taylor, after working with him on new movie The Favourite. Reportedly, Emma thought that Joe and Taylor would make a great couple and this is the reason why she decided to introduce them. The news was reported by The Standard.

“Taylor and Emma are very close friends, it was Emma who introduced them as she thought he would be perfect for her,” a source said according to the site. “Filming for ‘The Favourite’ started in March and the couple were introduced very soon afterwards. Emma played matchmaker,” the same insider went on to add.

What part played Gigi Hadid then? Well, another insider said according to E! News that she and Joe had a photo shoot together for Vogue in September 2016. She helped Joe and Taylor get closer. It allegedly all happened after Taylor ended her relationship to actor Tom Hiddleston. And it also seems that Taylor took a different approach when it comes to this relationship.

The star allegedly tried to hide her new romance from the public and she even had to wear wigs and different outfits to avoid being spotted in the company of the popular actor. It seems that her reasons for seeking so much privacy have been linked to her desire to avoid making “the same mistakes she did” in her previous relationship. “Taylor is terrified of making the same mistakes in every relationship so she is doing everything she can to protect her love life,” an insider explained according to Hollywood Life.

Taylor Swift Spotted Out for the First Time in Months

Famous singer Taylor Swift has decided to stay away from the spotlight in the last couple of months. However, it seems that now Taylor decided to make an appearance. And the star was not seen on the red carpet, but actually she was spotted as she arrived at the home of her parents in Nashville, Tennessee.

The famous singer decided to visit Tennessee over the weekend for Mother’s Day. TMZ reported that Taylor arrived at her parents’ home on Saturday and stayed until Sunday. The famous singer of course took her private jet for the short visit. The reason why the singer has avoided public appearances so far is not that widely known.

So, Taylor has been spotted the last time out during the Super Bowl weekend, in February. She performed during the event and since then she maintained a very low profile. The star has not given any reasons for her decision to stay away from the public eye and there is no apparent reason why she wanted to do this. What seems certain is that Taylor has been focusing a lot on reducing her public appearances.

Some have claimed that the reason why the singer has been staying away from the spotlight could be linked to potential intentions to work on her next album. However, Taylor has not confirmed this, but some reports made this supposition. “Taylor has been writing and recording her new album in Nashville for the last several months,” an insider said according to E! News.

“She has been working on it around the clock and will be making an announcement soon. She is really excited about her new music and can’t wait to share it with her fans,” the same source added. “She has entirely focused on that and not much else. She has been 100 percent dedicated to making music the last few months and that’s it,” it concluded.
So, it seems that Taylor has been focusing on her music, at least this is what her fans hope it is happening.