Nancy Kerrigan Talks about Past miscarriages on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

It was an emotional night at the “Dancing With The Stars” ballroom stars shared their most memorable year. That’s right. And many of them.

A very special night with great stories and big surprises and confessions. Nancy Kerrigan revealed her years of trouble and trying to have a family.

When I had Matthew is amazing he is just so tiny and it was really exciting. Not long after having Matthew we thought we didn’t want to have more kids so I got pregnant. But I had a miscarriage.

It was pretty awful. Like you feel guilty. And like what did you do wrong?  This makes you feel like a failure.

Nancy Kerrigan revealed that she had six miscarriages in 8 years and that it was really really hard for her.

Another emotional moment was when Simone Biles started her dance in tears and did it in tears all the way.
Her most emotional year by the way was when she got adopted by her grandparents. The judges loved this waltz and gave her the second highest score of the entire season.

And it’s beautiful they were there to cheer the grandparents and they were all in tears.

As always in the end a bad news because someone had to go and that honor this week went to Mr. T. And Kim . He did get a standing ovation from the crowd though.