Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Reportedly want to Get Married

According to some new rumors, Ben Affleck has managed to move on from his failed marriage and is ready to commit once again. The rumors indicate that Ben wants to get married to his current girlfriend Lindsay Shookus. Of course, Ben will have to wait a bit for that to happen, as he is still married to estranged wife Jennifer Garner.

So, Ben will have to wait for his divorce to be finalized. And we can definitely say the same thing about Lindsay. Lindsay Shookus is still officially married to her estranged husband, as her divorce has not been finalized yet, either. The news was first reported by Life & Style, which claimed that a source close to the two confirmed that they are ready to wed once again, when their divorces are final.

The insider explained that the two want to make this step as they cannot stay apart. “They can’t bear to be apart and spend every free moment they have together,” the source said. According to the same report, Ben and Lindsay might be engaged already, as the TV producer was seen wearing a beautiful ring on her finger. Of course, it is believed to be a gift from Ben.

The source also said that Ben and Lindsay want to spend the rest of their lives together, so there is no shock in the fact that they plan on getting married. Ben and his former wife Jennifer have been separated for quite some time. Jennifer was the one who filed for divorce, about nine months ago. According to the insider, the two stars are close to finalizing their legal separation.

The source went on to say that as soon as the divorce will be final, Lindsay and Ben will get married. Lindsay also filed for divorce from her estranged husband Kevin Meller in September 2015. However, media reports claimed that despite the fact that the filing was made so long ago, the divorce proceedings have not progressed a lot.

However, that may not be the only good thing for the relationship between Lindsay and Ben. According to several reports, the two are also planning to buy a new home together.

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus Spotted Together

It seems that things are going well between Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus. The two stars were spotted together having coffee in Santa Monica. They actually also enjoyed a gateway to Maine, so we can surely say that the romance is evolving.

So, after a weekend together, Ben and Lindsay were seen enjoying a morning coffee. And it seems that Ben had quite a busy day, as the star was also spotted in the company of one of his children. The actor was seen with his daughter Violet as they were enjoying a movie date in the city. Ben seemed very happy, being all smiles as he was seen with his young daughter. Violet looked adorable as she engaged in a conversation with her father.

One day before the outing, Ben and Lindsay also enjoyed a comedy show together, being actually spotted in the company of Ben’s brother, Casey Affleck. Lindsay is said to have been kind of a guest of honor at the event. “She was more in a work role, being a talent scout for ‘SNL’, rather than having a romantic date night,” a source said according to US Weekly. However, Ben and Lindsay did not spent too much time alone, as they were soon joined by Casey, who arrived ten minutes later than the couple.

“Casey and Lindsay said hello to each other and then Casey and Ben chatted for a while,” the source explained. “Ben and Lindsay were very kind to all the staff there, talking with the host, manager and those sitting around them. The comedians were definitely excited when they heard Ben was there, but Lindsay was the one they were trying to impress. Ben, Lindsay and Casey were laughing throughout a lot of the performances,” the insider also said. So, it appears that they all had a great time.

Ben and Lindsay have not officially commented on their romance, although they have been seen together at various occasions. The two were actually linked to a bit of a scandal, being claimed that they had an affair years back, when they were both married to other people.

Lindsay Shookus won’t Met the Children Yet

Apparently, Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus have been seriously dating, but this does not mean that she will be meeting his three children in the near future. A new report has claimed that Ben will not introduce her to the children, unless his former wife, Jennifer Garner agrees with this.

The new report indicated that Ben is ready to have his children meet his girlfriend Lindsay, but he is waiting for the kids’ mom, Jennifer, to approve of this. Apparently, Ben does not want to start a fight with his former wife, so he wants to wait until Jennifer will be fine with this.

“Ben and Lindsay are practically attached at the hip right now, which is hard to do considering they live on opposite coasts,” an insider claimed according to Hollywood Life. “They’ve both been logging frequent flyer miles like crazy, they hate being apart. Ben is so ready to introduce her to the kids but he’s waiting for Jennifer to give the approval,” the same source went on to explain.

The insider claimed that although Ben is dating and has a new life now, he is still a very dedicated father and wants what is best for the children. He “is still very committed to co-parenting” and is very “respectful” of his ex-wife. “Ben is all about keeping his life as drama free as he can,” the source said.

The fact that things are so serious between Lindsay and Ben is quite surprising, considering that the two recently started dating. However, the new romance is not free of scandals, as it has previously been claimed that Ben and Lindsay had an affair while the actor was still married to Jennifer. At that time, back in 2013, Lindsay was also still married. One report claimed that Jennifer knew about the romance and at one point she actually asked Lindsay to leave her husband alone, which she allegedly refused to do.

Whether Jennifer knew about this alleged romance or not has not been officially confirmed. In fact, none of the stars involved in this scandal have made any official statements.