Tom Cruise Refuses to Talk to Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are a couple. The news was confirmed after years of speculation. Of course, one of the first things that got the spotlight after the dating rumors were confirmed was what Katie’s former husband, Tom Cruise, thinks about this whole story. Well, several reports have claimed that Tom was not happy at all.

A new report from Celebrity Insider claimed that ever since he found out about Katie and Jamie dating, Tom has stopped all connection with his former wife and their 11 years old daughter Suri. The report said that Tom’s entire family has done the same, so no one is in connection with Katie and Suri at the moment. The same celebrity site claimed that Tom has actually not seen Suri for about four years.

A source talking to the site said that Tom has been quite indifferent, although Katie has made a lot of efforts in the attempt to have a cordial relationship with the famous actor, of course, all for the sake of her young daughter. “[Katie] has reached out [to Tom] in the hopes of opening a dialogue about resuming contact with Suri,” the insider said.

Apparently, Katie did not want her issues with Tom to come between Suri and her father and she would really like him to have a relationship with Suri. However, it appears that the actor does not want the same. Some have claimed that Tom stopped contact with Katie because of her turning against the Church of Scientology.

Since photos of Jamie and Katie holding hands while walking on the beach emerged, a series of stories have been published on this subject and a lot of speculation has been made. Some claimed that Tom had absolutely no idea that Katie and Jamie were seeing each other and got very upset when he found out. Ever since the end of her marriage to Tom, Katie has been mostly single. At least, this is what the actress claimed. Jamie Foxx constantly denied dating Katie, although the two were always linked. She was previously linked to Joshua Jackson and Matthew Perry.

Katie Holmes and Jaimie Foxx No Longer Hiding their Romance

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are a couple. After years of speculation on this subject, it seems that the two famous actors finally decided to stop hiding their romance. The romance rumors were confirmed as the two actors were spotted holding hands during a romantic beach walk.

So, when spotted together in some photos obtained by the Daily Mail, Jamie and Katie seemed quite happy. The two enjoyed a beautiful barefoot walk on a beach in Malibu on Monday. The two seemed very relaxed and they did not appear to be trying to hide their romance. In a video also obtained by the Daily Mail, the two are seen splashing around with water, while Jamie actually gets into the water fully dressed. The two seemed to be having a great time together.

This is without a doubt a unique gesture for the two stars, who have been linked to dating rumors since 2013. Katie and Jamie have never confirmed the fact that they are dating, but several insiders talked about a potential romance. Katie and Jamie are said to have been friends for a long period of time and the friendship evolved into something more.

A more recent rumor said that the two actors spent time together in Paris this spring and they feared that they might end up running into Katie’s former husband, Tom Cruise, who was also in the capital of France, apparently, with a work related commitment, as he was filming for his latest Mission Impossible movie.

For years it has been said that the main reason why Katie and Jamie were trying to hide their romance was Tom Cruise. Apparently, Katie feared that Tom would be very upset if he would find out about her dating Jamie and would try to take their daughter, Suri, away from her. Well, a recent rumor, from Radar Online, said that Tom and Katie’s divorce settlement actually banned the actress from publicly dating anyone for five years.

“Katie signed a clause in her quickie divorce settlement that prevents her from embarrassing Tom in various ways, like talking about him or Scientology, or publicly dating another man for five years after the divorce,” a source said. Apparently, now the ban has ended.

Jamie Foxx Wants to Win Back Katie Holmes

It seems that Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are not doing that well when it comes to their relationship now. According to the latest rumors, Jamie is actually trying really hard to win Katie back. Actually, a new report has claimed that the famous actor decided to rent Disneyland with the main purpose to win Katie back.

The new report has claimed that the famous pair was dealing with some problems because Katie actually caught her famous boyfriend flirting with another woman. Of course, the actress was not happy at all and Jamie wants to make up to her by offering her a great surprise: renting the whole Disneyland for her.

“Jamie is hoping this grand gesture will help Katie to forgive him,” an insider said according to In Touch, “Jamie was told it would cost $500,00 to rent out the park, but that doesn’t bother him. He’s determined to give her a magical night,” the same source added.

Well, the insider claimed that Jamie has been behaving badly for quite some time now, but this is the first time when Katie had caught him. “Jamie used to be discreet about his flirting, but seems to have let his guard down recently,” the source said.

Allegedly, Katie and Jamie have been a couple for about four years now, although the two have never confirmed the relationship. In fact, not only that they did not confirm the claims that they were dating, but actually Jamie and Katie denied such rumors.

Recently, a source claimed that Jamie spent a night out at a club in Miami and acted like a single man, being “surrounded by beautiful women – he flirted all night and grinded on them. People were definitely wondering about the status of his relationship with Katie.” Previously, the actor said that at his age, dating was not simple at all.
Well, it seems that no matter what they do and how they behave, rumors are always linked to Katie and Jamie.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Spotted in Los Angeles

It definitely seems that the rumors regarding Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx will never end. And the two famous actors are not making it easier, as somehow they manage to be linked regardless of what they say. So, Katie and Jamie have been associated once again, as an eyewitness said that they were seen in different places in Los Angeles that are located less than a mile away.

This might be too little to say that the two actors were there together, but without a doubt somehow they are constantly associated. The two actors were seen in different locations and were not photographed together. E! News reported that according to an eyewitness, Jamie Foxx was spotted talking on the phone outside the Centre Plaza Hotel. The source claimed that the actor seemed to be waiting to be picked up or meet someone, as he had some luggage with him.

Katie was also seen talking on the phone when she was spotted at the Century City Mall, parking her car. Well, the two were not seen together and Jamie has previously denied that there is something going on between them, but this has never stopped the rumors. So, rumors about a potential relationship between Jamie and Katie have been on for a lot of time.

Their alleged romance started years ago, but the pair has never confirmed it. In fact, Jamie denied the rumors last month when he said it was all “fake news.” However, regardless of these facts, the rumors still continue. Katie and Jamie were also linked last month, when a report claimed that the two met for a romantic gateway, as they were seen leaving the same hotel and boarding the same private jet.

E! News reported that Katie flew to Paris with the sole purpose to spend some time with Jamie. However, the timing might not have been very good, as Katie’s former husband, Tom Cruise, was also there filming the upcoming Mission: Impossible 6. Allegedly, the reason why Jamie and Katie want to keep their romance a secret is linked to Tom, as Katie fears that he might try to take Suri, their daughter, away from her if he finds about the romance. So, allegedly, Katie and Jamie stayed inside the hotel during the time they spent together.

Jamie Foxx Says Dating is Tough

Famous actor Jamie Foxx seems to have a hard time in finding someone to date. The popular actor claimed that dating at 49 is actually very difficult. The actor said that he is currently single and is trying to meet women, but this is not something simple. The famous actor has constantly been linked to Katie Holmes in the past few years.

Actually, despite the actor’s statements that he is single, Jamie has constantly been associated to a lot of rumors linked to actress Katie Holmes. So, for years several reports said that the two were a couple, but were trying to hide their romance because Katie feared that her former husband, Tom Cruise, would be very upset of her dating Jamie and would try to take her daughter Suri away from her.

So, during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Jamie Foxx claimed that he has been dealing with some difficulties in meeting women at his age. “It’s tough out there,” the star said. “I am getting older but people think I am younger,” he went on to add. “I was at a club the other night and a group of girls shouted my name,” the actor said. “I was like, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ and they said, ‘We go to school with your daughter!’ You have to be so careful,” he also claimed.

“When I was asked the other day by a 20-something girl how old I was, she looked at me as though 49 was a terminal disease,” Jamie concluded. So, without a doubt Jamie thinks that his age is making it more difficult to find a special lady.

The actor has not talked at this point about his alleged relationship with Katie Holmes. However, he previously said when being asked about the famous actress that the rumors are not true. Previous rumors claimed that Katie and Jamie were close to getting married. Some reports claimed that the two stars were planning their wedding, while others actually claimed that Katie and Jamie got married in secret. None of the rumors were confirmed and the thing is that there still is no official confirmation on this rumored romance.

Jamie Foxx Talks about Katie Holmes Dating Rumors

The romance of Katie Holes and Jamie Foxx has been debated in the media for years now. Several rumors throughout the years said that the two famous actors are a couple, but they never confirmed these rumors. In fact, at various occasions, the two stars denied being a thing.

Now, Jamie Foxx decided to address the rumors indicating that he was dating Katie Holmes, saying that it is all “fake news.” The star was asked about Katie as the actor arrived on the Los Angeles International Airport on Monday. Without a doubt, Jamie was not expecting this question from the photographers, but still he denied the claims.

In a video published by the Daily Mail, Jamie is seen arriving at the airport. At first, the star seemed to ignore the questions, but then the actor agreed to engage in the conversation as he was walking down the airport. The star was initially asked about his new TV show and he was saying that it was all great, when a photographer started asking how Katie felt about it. The actor was initially surprised by the question, took a moment and then said “Fake news, fake news.”

So, Jamie did not do a great job convincing fans that he and Katie are not dating. Moreover, when being asked to confirm the relationship, the actor did not respond. A photographer told him and he and Katie looked “very cute together by the way,” the actor said: “Thanks for saying I’m cute.”

The rumors on Katie and Jamie dating first emerged back in 2013. The two were said to be trying to hide their relationship because Katie feared that her former husband, Tom Cruise, would not be happy and would try to take their daughter, Suri, away from her. Some recent rumors claimed that Katie and Jamie enjoyed a vacation together in Paris. Some sources also said that the two were ready to make their relationship public as things were getting serious and they are very much in love.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx to make their Relationship public?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been linked for several years. The two famous actors were actually first associated back in 2013. Although several times it has been said that the two were dating, Katie and Jamie have always tried to hide their romance, never confirming these rumors.

However, according to an insider talking to Hollywood Life, Katie and Jamie are finally ready to make their relationship public. The ramous couple may bring “their relationship out in public and are OK with their not-so-secret romance.”

“Katie and Jamie are finally getting to a place in their relationship where they are feeling free and proud of their love,” the insider said. “They have been secretly dating for years and until recently have kept their passion for each other behind closed doors,” the same source added.

Katie Holmes separated from her former husband Tom Cruise back in 2012. Ever since Jamie and Katie were linked for the first time it has been claimed that the two actors wanted to keep their relationship a secret because they feared that Tom’s reaction would not be the best one possible if he’d found out about them.

On one hand, Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise have been friends since 2004, and Jamie wouldn’t want to upset Tom by telling him that he and Katie are dating. “Jamie and Tom are good friends and Jaime never wanted to do anything to interfere with the possible opportunity of them working together again in the future,” the source said.

On the other hand, Katie allegedly fears that Tom would be so upset that he would actually try to take their daughter, Suri, away from her. The source claimed that the relationship is so serious that Suri actually knows about it. And there is also another aspect worth to be mentioned. Katie has actually always been very private about her personal life. She previously said that she took this decision for the sake of her child.