James Cromwell Sentenced to Jail

Famous actor James Cromwell has been sentenced to jail because the star refused to pay an environmental protest fine. The protest that the famous actor attended dates back to 2015. At that time, because of his attendance at the protest, the star was charged with obstructing traffic. However, it seems that he refused to pay the fine he received following the event, so James was sentenced to jail.

James Cromwell is well-known for his numerous acting roles. The star is also going to be featured in the upcoming Jurassic World movie, Fallen Kingdom. So, according to the court ruling, James Cromwell will be spending a week in jail for a fine of only $375. But, the actor refused to pay it.

As already mentioned, the fine is linked to a case dating back to 2015. The actor attended a power plant protest in Wawayanda, New York. He received the fine for obstructing traffic because the actor and some other protestors held a sit-in at a Competitive Power Ventures natural gas plant. The actor, along with five other people, caused a traffic jam because of their protest, so they were charged with obstructing the traffic.

The actor and the five other people involved attended a court hearing in April and claimed that their actions were justified because the power plant’s emissions would cause an irreversible damage to the environment. Reportedly, they believed that since their protest was justified, there should be no fine for them. However, three of the six protesters finally decided to pay the fine.

This means that James Cromwell and two other people did not pay and were sentenced to jail. The famous actor is set to serve seven days in Orange County jail later this month, but it is yet to see when this will be taking place. Cromwell has made no official statements linked to this sentencing, so it is yet to find out what the famous actor has to say.

However, it is important to mention that Cromwell is a well-known environmental and animal rights activist, so this is not the first time when he attended such a protest.