Mariah Carey Dating Drake?

Mariah Carey has been linked to a lot of rumors in the past few years when it comes to her personal life. Since her divorce from husband Nick Cannon, a series of rumors talked about Mariah’s dating. Soon after her divorce, the famous singer was linked to casino mogul James Packer.

She was even engaged to James, but the relationship ended and the wedding plans were off. Then, Mariah was linked to her back-up dancer Bryan Tanaka. Some rumors claimed that Tanaka was actually the reason why Mariah ended her relationship with James. Other reports said that she was actually planning on getting back together with her former husband.

Now, it seems that the famous singer has been linked to a new man. The latest rumors say that Mariah could now be dating no one else than famous singer Drake. It has been reported that Drake and Mariah have been in communication and they also want to get together, meaning that the famous singer might be ready to completely end her relationship with Bryan Tanaka.

The news was first reported by OK, which claimed that it talked to an insider who revealed that Drake and Mariah are interested in each other. “Mariah Carey and Drake are in secret contact with rumors whirling the two are secretly dating,” the source explained “Mariah’s been texting Drake, who is a little surprised by the sudden attention, but was more than ready to show her a good time,” the same insider went on to add.

The source claimed that Drake and Mariah have recently met up and the two were quite flirty. “The two met up for drinks two weeks ago in LA and friends say they were flirting up a storm,” the source explained. “While they didn’t leave together, the two have been definitely texting and calling each other since,” it concluded.

The source also said that Mariah would be interested in Drake also because he dated Jennifer Lopez and “Mariah loves the idea of getting one up on her long-time rival Jennifer Lopez.” Well, at the moment there is no confirmation on these rumors and no official comments from those involved.

Drake Still In Love with Rihanna

Drake and Rihanna are not dating, but this does not mean that the famous rapper does not have feelings for the young and beautiful singer. At least, this is what the latest rumors are saying. According to these rumors, Drake is not over Rihanna, but the young star does not want to give him another chance.

A new report from OK! claimed that Drake still calls Rihanna a couple of times a week, but the famous singer is not interested in this. Furthermore, it seems that Rihanna does not even care that Drake no longer has her phone number. The news is quite curious, given that Drake has been linked to several women in the most recent period of time.

So, the report claimed that despite all of this, Drake still hopes that he and Rihanna will get back together and will make things work in their relationship once again. The report also claimed that despite what Drake may want, Rihanna does not want to give their romance one more chance.

“He still calls her several times a week, sends bouquets of flowers and gifts… but she’s not interested and just wishes he’d get on with his life,” the source explained. “He’s never gotten over Rihanna and still has this delusional belief they’ll wind up together again, eventually,” the same insider went on to add.

Drake and Rihanna were previously linked, but their romance was never confirmed. After being linked to Rihanna, Drake was also linked to Jennifer Lopez and other famous women. Some of the most recent claims about the rapper were actually linked to model Layla Lace. It has been claimed that the rapper and the model are set to become parents, despite the fact that they only had a one night stand.

The new report indicated that Rihanna does not believe in these rumors and she is actually sure that Drake and Layla are not going to have a child together. If the rumors are really true or not is something yet to be discovered.

Fans Angry after Drake postpones concert in Amsterdam

Drake fans were definitely not happy with the famous singer’s latest decision. Drake actually decided to postpone his concert in Amsterdam for the third time in three months. As imagined, not only fans from The Netherlands were upset with the singer, but also fans from all over the world who travelled to Amsterdam just to see their favorite star.

The saddest part about this concert being cancelled was actually the fact that the fans were already there, the doors were opened for the show, but Drake announced that the concert would not be held. Well, it is not actually the singer’s fault, because he had to postpone the concert because of some health issues.

Drake was reportedly advised by his doctor against performing. “I’m really sorry to tell you that tonight’s gig cannot take place. Drake got sick. His doctors told him not to perform,” a statement from the concert’s promoter said. Now, fans will be able to attend the show on Wednesday night.

Probably, the reason why fans were upset with the cancellation is given by the fact that the famous singer’s performances in the city were previously dismissed on two occasions. The star was initially supposed to perform on January 20 and 21, but the shows were later moved to January 26 and 27. They weren’t held on those dates, either, and were postponed for March 27 and 28. Several fans took to social media to express their discontent for the decision to postpone the show.

Of course, some rumors also emerged on the reason to postpone the show, with some claiming that Drake made this decision because of a weed overdose. The news was reported by MediaTakeOut, which claimed that the star smoked some weed mixed with hash and was unable to go on stage.

Well, despite these issues, Drake is surely enjoying a lot of success in his career. The star has been breaking a lot of records with the release of More Life, his latest album. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The album was released on March 18 and has been streamed 348.8 million times. The album definitely is a huge success for Drake.

Jennifer Lopez Rumored to be Dating Alex Rodriguez

A new man has been linked to famous singer Jennifer Lopez. The rumors are claiming now that the star may be dating Alex Rodriguez. The news were first reported by Page Six, which claimed that it talked to a source close to the two, which confirmed the dating story.

“They have been seeing each other for a few months — and were together in LA this past weekend,” the source said. “They are really into each other because they have so much in common — from their Latin roots, to their love of New York, and their kids,” the same insider added. The rumors on a potential relationship emerged after Alex attended one of Jennifer’s Las Vegas shows. Then, Jennifer took to Instagram to like a photo posted by Alex, so immediately a link was made.

Before being linked to Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez is known to have dated Anne Wojcicki, a Silicon Valley CEO. The two dated for about one year, but it has been claimed that they separated because they were too different. He has previously been linked to actresses Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson, but also to famous singer Madonna.

On the other hand, Jennifer has stayed in the spotlight for months with her personal life. A series of rumors claimed that she was dating rapper Drake, although Jennifer refused to confirm this and actually denied the dating claims during one interview. She is also known to have dated dancer Casper Smart for years and of course Jennifer was married once, to Marc Anthony. She has twins from her marriage with the singer.

Well, after the new rumors emerged, an insider said that Drake was really devastated with the fact that Jennifer moved on so quickly with Alex. “Drake hates the news because he feels like he let her get away,” a source said according to Hollywood Life. The same insider went on to add that Drake believes that Alex is now “enjoying the relationship he could have had with her.” The source also said that Drake understands her decision and thinks that Alex is someone that Jennifer needs.