Brooklyn Beckham Gets Tattoo Inspired by his Father

Brooklyn Beckham got his first tattoo at the age of 18. The star just showed the new ink on his skin in a photo shared on Instagram. And it definitely seems that the tattoo was inspired by his father. In fact, Brooklyn openly told his Instagram followers that the tattoo was “Just like Dad’s.”

The fact that Brooklyn was getting a tattoo was no secret for his famous father, David Beckham. David actually accompanied his son to Shamrock Social Club tattoo studio in Hollywood. David even took some photos of his son, which were later shared on social media, showing Brooklyn during the inking process.

David Beckham got his first tattoo back in 1999, after the birth of Brooklyn. David previously said that he doesn’t regret getting his tattoos and claimed that they all have a meaning and they are all important. “I think that’s what’s important about tattoos, if they have a meaning you’ll never regret them,” the famous soccer player said.

So, it appears that David and his wife Victoria Beckham are supportive of their son and his decision to get his first tattoo. However, it seems that not everyone thinks this was a good idea. Actually, the photos that Brooklyn shared on social media drew a lot of comments, some followers actually asking why Brooklyn choose to have a Native-American influenced tattoo and criticizing his decision.

David and Victoria Beckham Planning to end their Marriage

Some new rumors indicate that another celebrity couple is close to ending their marriage. This time, the rumors are talking about David and Victoria Beckham. So, it has been claimed that the two star’s marriage is close to an end and they are actually planning how to end things.

The rumors are not shocking at all, as actually Victoria and David have been linked to serious marriage problems for quite some time. The two have been married for 18 years and despite the numerous rumors that have been on throughout their marriage, Victoria and David proved that they are still a happy couple. And they actually also renewed their wedding vows after so many years of marriage.

Well, at least this is what some seem to believe, as the newest rumors indicate that the vows renewal ceremony actually never took place and it was all a publicity stunt. “There is not one single photo from this supposed ceremony, and those two share everything,” Star magazine claimed in its new report. A source talking to the magazine claimed that Victoria acted very strange during a recent ski trip to Canada.

She allegedly avoided David and “wouldn’t even look at” him. “It was clearly a PR stunt – she lept from him every single shot,” the insider said. Furthermore, Victoria is also thinking about removing her David inspired tattoos, as it seems that the star wants to actually remove her husband from her life.

The report claimed that maybe there is nothing that can be done to save this marriage, as Victoria and David allegedly refused to consider couples counseling. According to the report, they considered this in 2016, but finally decided against counseling. The magazine claimed that maybe this happened because things have “probably gone too far” now.

Well, as imagined there was no direct comment from Victoria or David on this report about their marriage problems. However, the claims were dismissed by a rep for the couple, who revealed that the whole story was false. The rep talked to Hollywood Life and dismissed the rumors.