Hugh Jackman to Play Enzo Ferrari’s Role?

A new interesting role is in the books for famous actor Hugh Jackman. The star could be playing the role of Enzo Ferrari in a new biopic. Without a doubt, this is a very interesting project. Another name that has been mentioned in relation to this new project is Noomi Rapace, who will play the role of Ferrari’s estranged wife.

The project seems to be very interesting and Hugh Jackman is definitely a very much expected appearance in such a role. The upcoming biopic is directed by Michael Mann. Deadline reported that both Jackman and Noomi are in talks with the producers for these roles. And if the project will soon start filming, it would surely be a very important step forward.

So, it is important to mention that this project has been in development for no less than 17 years. It was started by Michael Mann along with now late director Sidney Pollack. However, it seems that the project was always on hold, but maybe now things have changed and Mann is finally determined to focus on it. If the project will go forward and Jackman will be confirmed for the role of motor racing driver and businessman Enzo Ferrari, this would actually be the first project for the director since 2015.

Mann initially tried to cast Christian Bale to play the role of Enzo Ferrari. So, Bale was set to play this role about two years ago, but the famous Batman actor later decided to drop off the project because he was supposed to gain a lot of weight for the role of Enzo Ferrari. Maybe, Hugh Jackman will take on the challenge.

The action in this upcoming movie is set to take place in 1957 and will be focused on the battle that Ferrari had back then with rivals such as Maseratti. Without a doubt, it will be a very interesting project and many fans will be eager to discover this story. Bringing High Jackman on board would be a success, considering the great talent of the star and his worldwide appreciation for roles such as the one in Logan.