Pink and Carey Hart Could Separate at Some Point

Pink and Carey Hart seem to be a happy couple now, but this does not mean that they could not end their relationship at some point. Pink revealed during a new interview that she has not completely ruled out the possibility of splitting from Carey.

In fact, an important thing to mention is that during their 11 years marriage, Pink and Carey have separated twice. Of course, they got back together each time. However, maybe this is the reason why Pink is thinking that separating from Carey could be a possibility. Still, this does not mean that fans should expect to see the two announcing their separation in the near future.

Pink said that things are great between her and her husband for the moment, but she will not say never when it comes to chances of separating. The star made this comment while talking to The Sun in an interview. “I never say never,” the singer claimed. “Right now everything is good again,” she immediately explained, “but any kind of long-term relationships are all over the place. It’s up and down and you just take it day by day.”

Pink is well known to be quite impulsive, so there is no wonder that the star said during a previous interview that she sometimes wants to “stab” her boyfriend with a fork. However, Pink also explained that in couples both partners should try to laugh “as much as possible” and when things get harsh, they will be able to overcome any issues.

Of course, Pink said that there are many ups and downs in all relationships and naturally hers makes no exception. “And we go through moments where honestly I look at him and I think, ‘I’ve never liked you at all, there’s nothing I like about you, I’ve never liked you, I’ll never like you again’. And then five minutes later I’m like, ‘You look really good in those jeans.'”

Pink and Carey Hart wedded back in 2006. They have two children together. They went through two splits, and each separation lasted for several months. However, despite the two splits in their marriage, Carey and Pink have never filed for divorce.