Caitlyn Jenner Opens Up about not talking to Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians always manage to remain in the media attention. The famous family has been through a lot of changes in the past few years and without a doubt the most shocking one has been the transition of Bruce to Caitlyn Jenner.

This transition has not been simple for the famous family to deal with and it seems that the book that Caitlyn wrote regarding her journey led to some serious consequences and the end of some friendships. At least, the friendship between Caitlyn and Kim Kardashian had to suffer. Caitlyn decided to open up about her relationship with Kim during a new interview with Good Morning Britain.

The star claimed that she is very proud of her memoir book, Secrets of My Life, but she is unhappy that the Kardashians did not react in the desired way to her book, mostly her former wife, Kris. In the book she claimed that Kris knew about her gender identity crisis.

“I went overboard to be nice, to be friendly, to be open, but also tell my story and my side of the story,” Caitlyn explained during her interview. “Since the book came out, I’ve never talked to Kris again. Kim, I haven’t talked to in six, nine months, whatever it is,” she added.

When Caitlyn announced her transition in 2015, The Kardashians actually supported her, although many members of the famous family admitted that it had not been easy. However, their relationship broke when Caitlyn started launching a series of accusations against Kris, which her daughters could not accept. Caitlyn went on to say that she is very sorry for not being close to Kim any longer because Kim is a “great person.”

“I have such respect for her as a mother, as a businessperson, but like Kris, she is very opinionated, but that’s okay. I love that about her. It’s unfortunate, because actually Kim was the first one I talked to about this issue. She was very straightforward with me. … She’s been very, very good on it. It’s a big loss in my life, not having her there anymore,” Caitlyn said.

Caitlyn also explained that only the Kardashian side of the family do not want to talk to her. Her daughters, Kendall and Kylie, are still very close to her and spend a lot of time together.

Kris Jenner Planning to Expose Caitlyn Pictures?

The war between Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner is definitely still on. The two, who used to be married before Caitlyn’s transition from Bruce Jenner, have been feuding over the claims that Caitlyn made in her memoir book, which allegedly is her story and the story of her identity struggle.

In the book, Caitlyn claimed that Kris knew all along about her identity struggle and she also accused her former wife of keeping all the money made from the very successful television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Well, now a new report has claimed that Kris actually plans on exposing Caitlyn and some of her most embarrassing photos.

So, this is actually said to be a way for Kris to get revenge on Caitlyn for her accusations against Kris in the autobiography The Secrets of My Life. An insider talking to Radar Online claimed that Kris plans on revealing some explosive secrets involving Caitlyn and some embarrassing photos of her. “Kris despises Caitlyn, and wants to destroy her with all the embarrassing photos she can find and revelations she can think of,” the source said. “She’s held back a ton of stuff about Bruce’s kinky, controlling ways as well as her angry incidents and bizarre fetishes,” the same insider added.

The source also explained that the Kardashian girls are very much involved in this. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian will be helping their mother win this feud and stop Caitlyn from making all those bad comments about Kris. The report has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, it seems that Caitlyn has spent a great time with her two daughters, Kylie and Kendall. The three celebrated father’s day in Beverly Hills, as they were spotted attending a car show on Rodeo Drive. The three seemed to be enjoying a great time. On the other hand, Kris posted a photo on Instagram to praise men on father’s day, and of course Bruce Jenner was not in the pic. The pic featured Kris’ former husband Robert Kardashian, her son Rob, as well as her son in-law Kanye West and Scott Disick, the former boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian.

Caitlyn Jenner says she was never Comfortable Having Sex with Kris

The war between Caitlyn and Kris Jenner remains ongoing. And without a doubt it seems that Caitlyn is not afraid to make some shocking statements. Now, the star has claimed that she never felt entirely comfortable having sex with Kris. Before Caitlyn’s transition, Bruce and Kris Jenner were married for 22 years. They have two daughters together, Kendall and Kylie.

Well, since Caitlyn’s transition, things have not been very simple in the relationship between her and Kris. However, things got even worse when Caitlyn wrote a book about her transition and claimed that Kris has always known about her struggle. Now, Caitlyn has claimed that she was never “entirely comfortable” having sex with Kris during their long lasting marriage. The claims were made during an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine.

Caitlyn, who is 67 years old, also claimed that her “appetite” for sex is gone. She also revealed what Kris thinks about her. “You want to know how Kris feels about me? The middle finger,” she said during her interview. However, what is important to mention is that Kris was definitely not expecting to read what Caitlyn had to saying in her book, The Secrets of My Life. Basically, Caitlyn said that Kris knew about her struggle with gender identity and there is no way she was not aware of it.

Kris allegedly found Caitlyn trying on dresses, as well as her 36B breasts and was perfectly aware that Caitlyn was planning secret surgeries to permanently remove her beard. Well, Kris did not only deny all these claims, but she actually said that Caitlyn wrote a lot of lies in her book. Kris was so hurt by the allegations that she is even seeking to annul her marriage to Caitlyn. And she might be able to legally do that. It is yet to see if this is what the two will do. Furthermore, it is yet to see what other claims and revelations Caitlyn has to make about Kris.

Kris Jenner Avoids to Share Caitlyn Pic on Mother’s Day

Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner seem to be far away from reconciling. Actually, the latest round in their feud happened on Mother’s Day, when Kris refused to share a pic with Caitlyn, although she shared a collage with her entire family.

So, Kris shared a number of tributes on social media to her family and praised her children for making her life so beautiful. However, Caitlyn, formerly Bruce Jenner, was in none of the pictures. What is interesting is that Kris decided to share a picture including her deceased ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, but she completely ignored Caitlyn.

In one of the pictures shared by Kris, fans could see the star with Robert and their four children. Another pic shared by Kris showed Kanye West with Kim and their two children. The star also shared a picture of Kourtney Kardashian and her children, but without Scott Disick. Initially, Kris shared an old black and white picture of her and her six children. “You guys are my very heart and soul,” she shared along the pic. Then, Kris shared the collage that failed to include Caitlyn.

“Being a mother is by far the greatest blessing. My children are my most precious gifts and I am so beyond proud of each and every one of them. To my angels @kourtneykardash and @kimkardashian, it brings me so much joy to watch you raise my beautiful grandchildren. You are both such incredible mommies and you teach us all daily about patience, selflessness and unconditional love. You inspire me always,” Kris said in her message shared along with the pic.

Well, the fact that there is no mention of Caitlyn is not that shocking after all, as the two have been fighting for quite some time now. It started when Caitlyn wrote a memoir book telling her story and talking about her life before her transition. Caitlyn said that Kris always knew the truth and claimed that she was to blame for the fact that their marriage ended.

However, Kris was also criticised on social media for not including Dream, Rob Kardashian’s daughter with Black Chyna, in the collage.

Caitlyn Jenner Criticizes Kris

It seems that there is a feud going on between Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner. Caitlyn seems to be upset with the fact that Kris made some comments about her in one of the latest episodes of her television series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Caitlyn now claimed that she is not getting paid for appearing on the show and revealed that Kris has been the one separating her from her children. The star surely made some unexpected comments about the popular television series. Caitlyn opened up about this during an interview with Andy Coen. She said that she actually has never received money for her Keeping Up with the Kardashians show appearances.

“Well, I never really.. Did I ever see money? No, no,” Caitlyn said. “[The money] all kind of went into the house and this and that,” she went on to add. Caitlyn also confessed that she did not get a lot of money after her divorce and claimed that she only got a check for her half of the house owned with Kris. The former Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete also said that she was treated like a “punching bag” on the reality series, thing she definitely did not like.

Caitlyn also commented on the latest drama in the Kardashians family. The star wrote a book, in which she claimed that Kris was aware of her gender identify struggle ever since the moment when they got married. As imagined, Kris did not agree with this and was actually quite furious about the comment, as she showed in the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“I had 23 great years with her, she’s a great person. We have wonderful children, so why even go there? I don’t want to play that game in the media,” Caitlyn said. However, she added that she is upset because “that separates me from my children.” Caitlyn also said that Kris should write her own book to tell her side of the story.

“If [Kris] wants to write a book, she can write her own book and tell her side of the story. This is how I perceive things,” the star said. “My book is honest and it’s my story. I’m sorry she feels that way. I just don’t want her to alienate me from my children,” she concluded.