Brad Falchuck Jealous of Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are one of the former celebrity couples who have managed to impress with their very close friendship despite their separation. The two stars are very good friends, even though they separated years back. They are also successfully co-parenting their two children.

However, even though things seem to be working out great for the two, it appears that there is someone who is not happy at all with this relationship. We are talking about Gwyneth’s current boyfriend, Brad Falchuck. Allegedly, Brad is jealous that Gwyneth and Chris are so close and he is actually tired of seeing her cancelling their dates because of the children or of Chris.

Brad does not like the fact that Chris spends so much time with his girlfriend, and even more than that, since Chris has become single once again following his split from actress Annabelle Wallis, he has been even closer to his ex-wife. “Chris has been really needy around Gwyneth since splitting with Annabelle and it’s pushing Brad’s buttons big time,” a source explained according to OK!.

The insider also said that Brad does not like the fact that his actress girlfriend commonly cancels their dates or postpones weekends away because her ex-husband or her children need her. Of course, Brad is not happy that he is always second for her. “It’s very clear they come before Brad each and every time.” Well, the insider said that Brad is not absurd and he understands that Gwyneth is a mother, being very patient about this whole situation.

However, he “has had enough at this point,” as “she’s walking all over him.” Of course, the claims have not been officially addressed. But, the thing that is certain is that ever since they ended their marriage, Chris and Gwyneth have constantly been seen together in the company of their children. They have managed to put their children first and remain committed parents. The two stars separated in 2014. They have two children together, Apple and Moses.