Ariel Winter Wants to Have a Child

It seems that despite her young age, Modern Family actress Ariel Winter is ready to be a mom. According to some new rumors, the actress wants to get pregnant as fast as possible and she is ready to start a family with her boyfriend.

Ariel is now 19 years old, but she allegedly feels that she had a full life and is ready to welcome a baby. The new report, shared by Radar Online, actually said that Ariel wants a child so badly that she has actually been begging her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, to get her pregnant. Apparently, Ariel wants to get ready for the moment when she will have a child, so the star was spotted buying some baby products with her boyfriend earlier this week.

A source talking to the celebrity site revealed the reason why Ariel thinks she is ready for motherhood. Allegedly, she “feels she’s done a lot of living in her young years, and she wants to start a family while she’s still in her prime.” The source claimed that Ariel told Levi about her desire to have a child in quite an original way. Allegedly, she took her boyfriend out to dinner to talk about the possibility of starting a family together. However, she may have not convinced him this is a good idea.

According to the same source, Levi is worried that this might not be the best moment to start a family. “He is worried they’re too young, but he loves her so he’ll probably give in to her plan,” the source said. However, he insider claimed that Ariel is determined to get pregnant before she turns 20. The star will turn 20 on January 28, 2018.

The star has not talked about this report, so it is yet to see if the pregnancy claims are true. However, what is certain is that things are working perfectly well in the relationship of Ariel and Levi. The young actress revealed earlier this year that they have been living together and that he is the one doing all the cooking.