Adele Has to Protect her Voice

Famous singer Adele needs to make sure that she will not use too much her voice in the near future due to the fact that she is dealing with damaged vocal cords. In fact, the famous singer has been forced to use “sign language” to communicate, as she actually is unable to make a sound.

So, according to The Sun, the talented singer is in the necessity of using sign language to communicate with everyone, including her husband. This is a must for the star to rest her voice because she had damaged her vocal cords. The issue was first revealed earlier this month, when Adele actually had to cancel two final shows because she couldn’t properly use her voice. Soon after that, her doctors told Adele that she had to completely rest her voice.

So, this means that Adele is not allowed to make any sounds. Of course, the only thing left for her to do to be able to communicate with other people was to use sign language. The star “made-up sign language” and she continued to use that for days. Reportedly, Adele was very committed to avoiding talking, so she actually refused to talk even when she was looking for a school for her son, Angelo.

Apparently, Adele visited a potential school for her boy, who is four years old, and she actually visited a posh pre school in London. Her husband was also accompanying Adele. The star made absolutely no sound and managed to stay on that track although she was asked direct questions by a lot of people who did not know that she needed to rest her voice.

“She was gesturing wildly at times to Simon to communicate and he was doing all the talking for them,” a source explained. “It was almost funny at times because he joked that it was her made-up sign language. It looked like it was really frustrating her and she stroked her throat a few times as if it was hurting her,” the same insider added. Well, hopefully the rest period will help Adele and the famous singer will be able to get back on the stage very fast.