TAG Heuer makes its debut on the smartwatch market

The famous TAG Heuer has made an interesting step, entering the smartwatch market. This Swiss company is famous and well-known for its 155-year-old impressive history and luxurious watches. 

These days, TAG Heuer has made quite a surprising move, releasing TAG Heuer Connected Watch. This new device was developed in partnership with Google and Intel. 

“It’s the marriage of knowledge, the marriage of research and development,” has declared Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer. “For TAG Heuer this is a milestone for our brand but also a milestone for the Swiss watch industry,” he continued. 

The new TAG Heuer Connected Watch is available at the price of 1,500 dollars, which is not affordable for everybody. This new smartwatch is powered by Google’s Android Wear OS, but it is the first device that features an Intel processor. 

So, this device hides under the hood a 1.6GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, accompanied by 1GB of Ram and 4GB of internal storage. With such kind of specs, this watch is one of the most impressive on the market. To be added that TAG Heuer Connected Watch comes with a memory that is doubled compared with other Android Wear watches. However, the question is if this amount of memory will make a difference. 

Other interesting things that customers will find on this watch are the accelerometer for tracking user’s steps and Wi-Fi for some features that can be paired from the phone. As for design, this smartwatch looks simply amazing. It is built from grade 2 titanium, which offers a premium feel, but it is also heavier than other smartwatches out there. Moreover, it measures 12.8mm thick and weighs approximately 52 grams. 

As for display, this one measures 46mm and has a 360×360-pixel resolution, protected by sapphire crystal. This means that the screen is highly protected from scratches. This feature can also be found on the new and more affordable Huawei Watch. 

TAG Heuer Connected Watch comes with a 410mAh battery, which the company claims that can last approximately 25 hours on a single charge. This is a good improvement, compared with the Apple Watch that can go up to less than 18 hours with mixed use. 

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