Taco Bell Wants a Bigger Slice. It Launched The Breakfast Menu

For companies in the industry, taking on a breakfast menu is a big step that carries two potential end results: success or failure. The breakfast market is currently thriving, as fast food chains like McDonalds are enjoying the bulk of customers. But Taco Bell wants a bigger slice of the whole fast food market and a good piece of the breakfast one. Thus, the chain has launched its own breakfast menu.

Over the past few years, even with the economic downturn and poor consumer confidence, the breakfast market has been thriving, as all the major American fast food brands are trying to get a slice. So far, McDonald’s is currently leading the market, but more and more restaurants are joining in the competition.

On Thursday, Taco Bell joined the market. The Mexican – style restaurant chain launched its breakfast menu in almost 800 restaurants throughout several Western states. According to Taco Bell Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer Brian Niccol, if the strategy is successful, then by the start of 2014 the breakfast burritos will be displayed on store menu broads nationwide next to the regular line of tacos, chalupas and gorditas.

So, what can you have for breakfast at Taco Bell? Well, the chain’s breakfast menu includes burritos stuffed with eggs and at your choice sausage, bacon or steak; sausage and egg wraps; hash browns; hot or iced coffee and orange juice from Johnsonville, Cinnabon, Tropicana and Seattle’s Best.

Taco Bell restaurants in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado, as well as some in Texas, Ohio and Oklahoma will have the breakfast menu.

With 36.8 million customers a week and nearly 5,600 U.S. restaurants, Taco Bell is in for the win. Niccol said that the breakfast menu is the company’s way of “getting our fair share” of a market on the growth.

In 2010, consumer research firm Scarborough Research released an analysis of breakfast diners as well as the fast food restaurants in the market. The study showed that two years ago, 37 percent of adults have eaten breakfast at a fast food restaurant in one month alone.

NPD Group says that in the past five years, breakfast and snacks accounted for virtually all of the industry’s growth.

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