Tablet ownership doubled during the holidays

The tablet industry had a lot to gain during the winter holidays, according to a recent report published on CNET News. The number of tablet ownerships has increased during the holidays from 10 percent at the middle of December to 19 percent at the beginning of the month of January.

Many technological companies have improved their income around the winter holidays thanks to the lower-cost devices they sold. Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble’s Nook tablet were two of the most-sold protagonists of the period.

E-book readers were the next most requested items on people’s Christmas lists, judging by their sales percentage. Once again, the versions produced by Kindle and Nook registered the biggest sales. According to analysts, this increase was due to the advantageous prices that vendors practice, that is, $100.

If we were to take into consideration the sales registered for both tablets and e-books, the numbers grew from 18 percent to 29 percent in January. Statistics show that most buyers earn more than $75,000 and own at least a college degree. As a matter of fact, 26 percent sales have been registered in this social class, whereas 31 percent among customers with higher levels of education.

The age factor seems to be just as important when it comes to building the profile of the tablet customer. Generally, people under 50 years old prefer to purchase these types of products.

Tablets are equally preferred by men and women, but the situation is somewhat different for e-books. The majority of the buyers belong to higher-income households and higher educational levels like in the case of the tablets; however, women seem to be more interested in owning an e-book than men.

The findings were based on three separate surveys; one before Christmas, another one after the holiday and the third one from January 12 to 15 when 1,008 were interviewed. Despite this, market researchers were unable to determine which tablet was the most popular among customers. Based on the sales figures provided by Amazon, the company sold more than 1 million Kindle devices each week throughout the month of December. The market continues to be dominated by Apple which will release its December figures on Tuesday.

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