T-Mobile To Sell Apple’s iPhone In 2013

Germany’s Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of T-Mobile, released a statement on Thursday announcing the introduction of Apple’s iPhone on their list of products. Spokespersons did not specify which products will be sold in 2013, but analysts have many reasons to believe iPhone is among them, CNET News reports. 

During last week’s conference in Germany, T-Mobile CEO, John Legere spoke for the first time about a possible collaboration between his company and Apple. The U.S. carrier was the only one that did not sign a deal to sell iProducts, but things are about to change. Deutsche Telecom announced customers that they are ready to introduce the popular iPhones and iPads in their stores.

The move is positive for both companies. Apple will gain even more popularity and market shares, whereas T-Mobile will finally be able to compete with other U.S. carriers. The German company was the only one that did not sell Apple’s products until now. The decision to sign a deal with the technological giant will boost the carrier’s portfolio in 2013 and will offer customers a wider range of products besides Android-based smartphones.

Apple’s devices can now be found in some of the biggest carriers of the United States. iProducts are available through Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, but they are also sold through regional carriers like C-Spire. Now that Apple has a deal with all the four major carriers in the United States, it will gain territory over Samsung. The most popular devices of the South Korean company, Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II have long been commercialized through the aforementioned carriers.

T-Mobile currently holds the fourth place on the U.S. market, but according to analysts, the pact with Apple could propel the carrier to the third place. Using the 4G LTE Network could also help, Hughes de la Vergne, a smartphone analyst from Gartner has stated.

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