T-Mobile Accused of Conducting anti-BlackBerry Campaign

As expected, the CEO of BlackBerry wasn’t happy at all with the fact that T-Mobile offered clients the possibility to change their BlackBerry phones with iPhones. T-Mobile was in fact accused of conducting an anti-Blackberry campaign. 

Actually, John Chen, the CEO of BlackBerry, claimed that he was absolutely outraged with the fact that T-Mobile released such a campaign. What T-Mobile did was to offer its users the possibility to change their BlackBerry phones to iPhone 5s. 

The company sent the new offer via email to a series of customers in the United States. The advertising said that they can upgrade their BlackBerry to the latest generation iPhone, free of charge. Naturally, the offer may be quite interesting for some customers. 

T-Mobile only claimed that they are offering some options to their customers and naturally they can remain loyal to BlackBerry. 

It seems that Chen at least expected the company to ask their opinion on this matter, complaining in a blog post about T-Mobile’s decision. He also claimed that the offer is rather inappropriate. 

“To T-Mobile, I would like to remind you that our long-standing partnership was once productive and profitable for both BlackBerry and T-Mobile,” the CEO of BlackBerry wrote in his post. He also added that he hoped “we can find a way forward that allows us to serve our shared customers once again.” 

Some clients who received the offer also criticized T-Mobile. Chen encouraged more people to take action and comment against the campaign to “sent a powerful message.” Chen also thanked all the loyal customers of the company, who expressed their outrage on T-Mobile’s offer. 

Even though Chen claimed to be disappointed with T-Mobile, it seems that he remained hopeful that the partnership between the two will continue. 

Well, it seems that T-Mobile realized that their idea of a new campaign wasn’t the best one possible. They already issued a public apology and even said that they are extremely happy to be a BlackBerry partner. The statement released by the company also revealed that they will have a special offer for BlackBerry customers. 

“As an additional courtesy to our BlackBerry customers, we will begin offering free expedited shipping of BlackBerry devices by Friday,” the T-Mobile statement said.

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