Sylvester Stallone Loses Another Family Member

A recent report published by the Associated Press relates that Sylvester Stallone has lost another family member. After burying his 36-year-old son, Sage, the actor received the terrible news that his half-sister, Toni Ann Filiti succumbed to lung cancer.

Sylvester Stallone’s return on the big screen was shadowed by the tragic events in his family. The 66-year-old actor was getting ready to promote his new movie, “The Expendables 2” when he was notified that his son, Sage, was found dead in his Studio City, California apartment. The “Rocky” star seems to have recovered his inner peace, but problems continue to bother him. On Tuesday, his mother informed him that his half-sister Toni Ann Filiti died of lung cancer after she was released from the UCLA hospital.

The news was delivered to the press by Stallone’s mother, Jackie, who was very afflicted by the loss of her 48-year-old child. She spent the last months taking care of her daughter, Toni, in her Santa Monica house. According to the woman’s declarations, Stallone’s sister died in her mother’s arms while she was being bathed. Jackie expressed her regrets that Toni had to go so soon, but she was, nevertheless, comforted by the thought that her daughter didn’t feel any pain.

“The Expendables 2” star didn’t release any statement in relation to the news. His mother, however, told the press that he “can’t take any more pain”. In spite of all the grief, Stallone promised that he will always take care of Toni’s son. Jackie concluded the interview by saying that the past two months have been terrible for the entire family.

On July 13, Sage Moonblood Stallone was found dead in his Studio City residence. Investigators were unable to determine the cause of his death even though many bottles of pills were found in the young actor’s house. His mother, Sasha Czack, explained that Sage had suffered a dental surgery, so the pills were meant to relieve the pain. The toxicology report will reveal the real cause of death, but the document is still pending. 

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  1. ‘Iam so sorry for your lost`s’i will always keep you and your family in my prayers.i love watching daylight.7 con-air,and i just loved the expendables,it was a great movie”.

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