Susan Sarandon’s Apartment was burglarized

Susan Sarandon’s New York apartment was burglarized. It seems that a burglar broke into the star’s home and had stolen various objects from the property. The man broke into the actress’s apartment over the weekend.

Reports reveal that the intruder took from the actress’s apartment her camera, laptop, as well as jewelry. E! News reported that the burglary was confirmed by a spokesperson for the New York Police Department. The cops also revealed that the man entered the apartment through the terrace door. No one was home at the time when the incident occurred, so the actress has never been in danger. 

Until now, the value of the objects taken by the burglar has not been revealed. Apparently, the one who announced the cops was Susan’s son, who found the apartment devastated. His mom, the famous actress, was out of town during this time. Susan has a 22 year old son, Miles Robbins. Miles returned home at around 3.30 a.m., when he discovered the crime. 

Cops claimed that they are waiting for Susan Sarandon to return to the property to be able to determine exactly the value of the objects that were stolen. The actress knows about the break-in, being announced by a neighbor. It has been revealed that the actress had about $100,000 of jewelry in the property, but the value of the jewelry that has been taken by the burglar has not been revealed. 

Susan Sarandon, who is 67 years old, has not returned to the property yet. It seems that the actress is quite busy working as an editor. Moreover, some news has been linked to the star’s past. It has been revealed that Susan had a relationship with David Bowie. The affair dates back to more than three years ago. “He’s worth idolizing,” Susan recently said when talking about David. 

“He’s extraordinary. That was a really interesting period… Bowie’s just a really interesting person and so bright. He’s a talent, and a painter and…he’s great,” the Hollywood star claimed in a recent interview. The two had an affair when they co-starred in the 1983 movie The Hunger. 

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