Suri Cruise’s impressive shoe collection

For average Americans, the shoe collection that Suri Cruise has may be impressive, but if you have celebrities as parents, a six figure shoe collection may not be so out of order. Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have spent 150,000 dollars on their daughter’s foot wear, according to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail.

Cute Suri Cruise is a real fashionista. Her mother, Katie Holmes, often dresses her up like a little young lady, with chic dresses, tiny purses and shoes with adorable kitty cat heels. Recently a source told the London Daily Mail that the little girl who turned five is in love with heels and insists on wearing them no matter the place. “The older she gets, the less she wants to wear anything but little heels.” The source said. “Even when she’s going to play dates or walking on the beach, she cries if Katie reaches for anything but a little pair of sandals with some sort of heel” the source added.

Not only that, but her taste in shoes is not bad at all. She prefers top designers such as Marc Jacobs and Christian Louboutin. We have seen Suri wearing sports shoes and casual shoes and we think she look very pretty wearing those, too. The problems with children of rich people start when the children are not refused anything. Some Hollywood celebrities believe that good education includes good manners and a certain degree of modesty.

For example, comedian Adam Sandler is constantly worried about his children turning into spoiled brats. “With the amount of money I have it’s difficult raising children the way that I was raised.”

The couple Catherine Zeta Jones – Michael Douglas lives in the Bermuda with their two children, but they are both against spoiling them too much. They believe the children should first learn good manners. “There’s nothing worse than spoiled rich kids.” Said the Welsh beauty.

Despite the moral code that each of them has, the celebrities all agreed upon one thing – it is almost impossible for the rich kids to grow up and develop the same as average kids.

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