Surface Pro 4 comes with some new features

Well, it looks like Microsoft decided to update its flagship Surface line. To be mentioned that this Windows 10 device is an evolution from the famous Surface Pro 3. 

The new Surface Pro 4 is lighter, thinner and comes with a slightly larger display. Moreover, under the hood customers will find new processors from Intel, improved stylus functionality, a redesigned keyboard and a front-facing camera that will instantly log users in to Windows 10, due to facial recognition feature. This new Windows 10 hybrid is available at the price of 899 dollars and if customers will opt for the keyboard cover, they will pay an extra 129 dollars.

To be mentioned that Microsoft has used the Surface line to point out their previous operating system, called Windows 8, due to its touch-friendly interface. This device has started to be accompanied by an Intel Core I-series slate and thanks to a magnetic clip-on keyboard cover, this device was able to work as a pat-time laptop and a full-time tablet. 

The first and second generations of this hybrid were launched in 2013, while Surface Pro 3 was released in 2014. After the last release, Microsoft has managed to create a worthwhile flagship. Well, it looks that these days, the giant company has unveiled another hybrid, called Surface Pro 4.

Probably, the biggest change that the new hybrid has suffered is the new processor, which is part of Intel’s sixth generation of Core chips, also called Skylake. This new processor will offer improved performance and battery life. This is a great upgrade if we compare it with last year’s model, which was two CPU generations behind. The company claims that with this new processor, Surface Pro 4 is 30 percent faster than last year’s model. Moreover, they have declared that this hybrid is approximately 50 percent faster than Apple’s MacBook Air.

Another interesting change is the stylus, which is tightly integrated with Windows 10. Moreover, the company also declared that the stylus’s battery life will last a full year and has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

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