Supreme Court Starts Ruling On The Obama Affordable Care Act

Obamacare has been under scrutiny as many find it quite controversial. Plus, with the upcoming presidential election the Republican’s opposition doesn’t help much as more and more find arguments against it. The Obama affordable care act has agitated spirits so much that now it is up to the Supreme Court to rule whether or not the health care law is constitutional. Today, the Supreme Court starts its three days of oral arguments on the Obama affordable care act.

With the Supreme Court scheduling the oral arguments on the affordable care act to start this Monday, people with the Obama campaign have made one last effort to confirm the president’s fully commitment to the health care law proposal. Last week, it has become obvious there was an urgency to adopt the term Obamacare and raise support.

Late last week, president Obama was at a fundraiser in Atlanta where he told supporters: “You want to call it Obamacare – that’s okay, because I do care”. On Friday, the campaign linked a Twitter profile with the health care law, promoting the hashtag #ilikeobamacare.

Stephanie Cutter is a spokeswoman for the Obama campaign. She explained the reason behind the official endorsement of the Obamacare term: “The term is incredibly popular with the president’s supporters, who will fight to the end to defend the law after 70 years of work to pass health reform.”

The Obama affordable care act has the potential of drastically changing the health system, affecting all those involved, from patients to doctors. For instance, one aspect in the law is the Physician Payment Sunshine Act which will require all companies in the drug, device and medical supply to present reports each year regarding perks given to physicians and teaching hospitals.

Another bullet point is the health care law’s impact on the fast food industry. Each major chain restaurant will be compelled to put in their menus a complete list of the calories their products have. And that’s not all. The law says that these restaurants will also have to give customers when asked information about their products’ level of fat/saturated fat, sodium, cholesterol, sugars and total protein.

Under the health care reform tanning devices based on emitting UV will be classified as carcinogenic factors. As a result, the price of such a session will cost you more.

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