Superior Singing Method review

What Exactly Is The Superior Singing Method?

Created by Aaron Anastasi, a professional voice coach who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, the Superior Singing Method can be best described as an online voice training program that promises to teach people how to radically improve their singing voice in just 60 days.

Whether you have prior background in singing or not, Aaron Anastasi designed this course to help you either enhance your singing talent or help you change your “frog singing voice” into a “mermaid singing voice.”

The Superior Singing Method course is carefully divided into 8 easy-to-follow modules, with each focusing on a specific area of vocal training. We won’t describe all the modules in details at this review because you can find lots of information about them Here, however in short, here are the main things that you’ll learn inside each module:

Module 1: Unique Vocal Warm Up Exercises – preparation for advanced singing.
Module 2: Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing – techniques for controlling breathing.
Module 3: Mastering Vocal Tone – ways to improve the tone quality of your voice.
Module 4: Improving Pitch – how to sing on pitch and recognize the right pitch.
Module 5: Resonance & Singing with Powell – teaches you how to strengthen your singing voice without compromising the tone quality.
Module 6: The Mix Voice & Singing Higher Notes – how to effortlessly sing higher notes without straining your vocal cords.
Module 7: Enhancing Vocal Agility – tips for staying on pitch and developing the suppleness of your voice.
Module 8: Advanced Strengthening & Vocal Techniques – provides vocal exercises for developing your vocal strength and vibrato.

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Below are just 10 points to think about.

  1. You get immediate and full access to all your singing lessons in the main course inside your members area, no waiting for DVD’s everything is available to take your lessons immediately.
  2. As you progress through the superior singing methods main course you will have access to other bolt on singing course lessons, designed to compliment your vocal training.
  3. All singing lessons are totally suitable for Beginner adult and kids, intermediate on wards to professional levels of singing.
  4. You can use your smart phone, tablet, desktop/laptop PC or Mac to access your singing lessons any time from anywhere in the world its all online no nasty software downloads needed to take your lessons.
  5. You’re not left to your own devices, you don’t just pay, log-in and download the singing lessons, then get left wondering if you are doing every exercise the right way you have full support from Aaron:
  6. Its not just one set of singing lessons suits all, male and female get their own set of lessons:
  7. You can practice anywhere anytime you want, take your singing exercises with you, no lesson booking needed:
  8. Pay only once for the full singing course for lifetime access:
  9. Take your singing to the next level, learn new techniques in the monthly Vocal Coaching Club exclusive to superior singing method you cannot find in any other static online singing course:
  10. Ask and get feed back from Aaron each month on your vocal improvements via the vocal coaching club:
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