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The Hamptons are calling! The stars from Summer House has been heating the beaches of the East Coast since the beginning of 2017 and season 6 will be the same.

OGs Lindsay Hubbard, Kyle Cooke, Carl Radke and Amanda Batula have turned partying in the summer into a full-time occupation which keeps the fans glued. With the addition to the cast of Danielle Olivera in 2018, Hannah Berner and Paige DeSorbo in 2019, and Luke Gulbranson in 2020, Bravo added drama to its lineup.

Season 5, which was forced to air amid the COVID-19 epidemic in the year 2020 and then later filming in a quarantine environment and shook up the crowds. The tensions increased during filming since the actors were not allowed to return home to New York City or their respective homes for the duration of the week like they normally do.

Instead they stayed under the same roof and were continuously filmed to ensure their safety during the current health crisis. “It’s exhausting, like, just to know that there is a camera watching you 24/7,” Paige specifically revealed to DailyGossip in the show on April 2021 on Us’ “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast. “You definitely get used to having a camera guy holding a camera in your room, but there would be certain times at night, like, I would just look in the corner to the surveillance and just be like, ‘I hate you.'”

The television personality was recalled getting up in an “full sweat” once she returned home from the dramatic shooting situation. “[I thought], ‘Oh, my God, I’m still being watched.’ And you look in the corner of your bedroom to look for the camera and you’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, OK, it’s not there and I’m not being filmed,'” Paige explained. “So it is a mind trip.”

In Season 6, show’s original style of the show will likely be revived when the stars travel from and to the city. But, viewers can be sure to see some new characters when the show returns.

“It’s like genuine friendship,” Lindsay exclusively said to Us at the end of October in 2021 about the newcomers who will be coming and going away from the home. “And now [we have] relationships on a reality show where it’s not scripted and whoever you’re dating [can come stay].”

Scroll down to find out who’s going to be appearing in Summer House season 6 -and what other surprises await:

"Summer House" Season 6: All We know about the Bravo Series
Credit: Jeff Tan/Bravo

Who is Remaining?

Bravo is yet to reveal the casting of season 6 however Lindsay, Kyle, Amanda, Paige and Ciara have all made hints about their return. According to the social media sites, Carl, Danielle and Luke all seem to be returning.

"Summer House" Season 6: All We know about the Bravo Series
Credit: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo

Hannah Berner Is Out!

Hannah, the “Berning in Hell” podcast host announced in May 2021 she would be ending the show following three years. Hannah joined the show in season 3 that aired in 2019, but decided to concentrate on her acting career instead of returning for season six.

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"Summer House" Season 6: All We know about the Bravo Series
Credit: Courtesy of Danielle Olivera/Instagram

When Did It Start Filming?

As per social media accounts, the cast reunited on numerous occasions throughout the summer, beginning in the latter part of June 2021. They also were present for Kyle and Amanda’s wedding in September 2021.

"Summer House" Season 6: All We know about the Bravo Series
Credit: Courtesy of Lindsay Hubbard/Instagram

Bells from the Wedding Bells

Kyle and Amanda’s wedding are set to be showcased on forthcoming season, following the couple’s wedding rehearsal in the Season 5 finale. The ceremony was officially held in the month of September in 2021.

"Summer House" Season 6: All We know about the Bravo Series
Credit: Zack DeZon/Bravo

Andrea Denver Joins!

It is believed that the Winter House star will pop in this season’s new episodes, Lindsay exclusively told Us in October 2021. “Andrea was in our Summer House and maybe I’m not allowed to say that,” she explained. “I might get in trouble!”

"Summer House" Season 6: All We know about the Bravo Series
Credit: Tommy Garcia/Bravo (2)

“Southern Charm” Boys

Lindsay revealed to Us on October 20, 2021, that Craig Conover, who is engaged to Paige as well as Austen Kroll “came out” to the Hamptons during season 6 filming. “They were both at Kyle and Amanda’s wedding,” Lindsay explained. “Yeah, you’ll see those boys on the next season of Summer House.”

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"Summer House" Season 6: All We know about the Bravo Series
Credit: Bryan Bedder/Bravo

‘Winter House’ Crossover?

Craig suggested that Craig hinted that the Winter House drama would spill in the new season of Southern Charm and Summer House. “What’s fun is that you have Winter House, you have Summer House and then you have Southern Charm,” the Sewing Down South founder exclusively spoke to Us at the end of October in 2021. “So it’s nervous, but I’m extremely excited to return with the rest of the group. We’ll be able to see the dynamics of Winter House then carry into the summer, and we’ll never know what will happen.”

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