Suge Knight Pleads Not Guilty

Suge Knight decided to plead not guilty in the camera theft incident. The rap mogul recently made an appearance in court linked to this case. He was released from custody on an impressive bail, paying no less than $500,000 for his freedom. 

The star was released by the Los Angeles Court on Wednesday. The court appearance is linked to the October 29 incident in which the star was involved. Back then, Suge was arrested on one count of robbery, as a photographer accused the star of stealing his camera. This incident occurred on September 5, in Beverly Hills. He was taken into custody along with Katt Williams. They were both present in court for this first hearing on the case.  

Knight was accompanied in court by his lawyer, James Blatt. Apparently, the judge was really nice to the rapper and he actually went to say that he can understand how upsetting it can be for him to have paparazzi aggressively go after him or after young children. Naturally, the judge has a point, as being constantly chased by the paparazzi and being always pictured cannot be very pleasant. However, fame comes with a price and all famous people have to pay it. 

Suge Knight spent a few days at the Los Angeles County jail and he was also taken to a Las Vegas hospital. Apparently, he suffered from a blood clot and he needed medical help to overcome this problem. The DA’s office revealed that the both Knight and Williams will be back in court on December 14, in Los Angeles. 

Things are not looking very well for Knight. If the star will be convicted of assault, he actually faces more than 30 years in prison. Knight was previously convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and this can make everything worse for him. On the other hand, Williams faces about 7 years in prison. He already pleaded not guilty to the charges. It is yet to see what will happen in this case and what the judge will decide. Luckily for Knight, he is now free.

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