Suge Knight Hospitalized after Falling in Jail

Suge Knight needed medical care after an incident that occurred in jail. Apparently, the rapper had to be rushed to a Los Angeles hospital over the weekend. Reports indicated that he fainted in jail and needed emergency medical care. 

It seems that at the time of the incident, Suge Knight was in his jail cell. TMZ reported that the former rap mogul passed out and was taken to undergo X-ray. He actually fainted for the second time on the way to this procedure. Suge was transferred to a local hospital and it seems that he is stabile now. 

However, reports reveal that he is actually suffering from a blood clot in his lung. The star received treatment for a painful bruise, as well as for chest pain. Doctors checked him for dizziness and heart conditions. Sources claimed that Suge Knight might also be suffering from extremely high blood pressure. 

Some sources went on to claim that this episode might have also been caused by the fact that the star was unable to stay committed to his blood thinning medication treatment, naturally, due to the arrest. The rapper had to undergo this treatment after being shot at a VMA Party, back in August. 

A bail has been set for the star at the sum of $75,000. A lawyer for Suge Knight claimed that the rapper will remain in hospital for now. The 49-year old rapper was arrested on Wednesday in Las Vegas. The founder of Death Row Records was actually arrested along with comedian Katt Williams. The arrest occurred after a celebrity photographer complained that the star stole his camera. 

Both Suge Knight and Katt Williams claimed that the photographer filmed Knight’s young son. The two said that they asked this celebrity photographer to stop filming and to erase the video, but the photographer refused to do so. This was the moment when things escalated. The video was made public and it shows the two stars agitated, walking to the paparazzo. The video abruptly ends at a point. 

Suge Knight claimed that he did not took the camera, although the photographer says that this is exactly what happened. It is yet to see if the star will be convicted in this case. 

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