Sugary drinks, to blame for diabetes and heart disease in women at healthy weight

Women who are at a healthy weight but consume sugary drinks on a daily basis are at a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes or heart disease than other women, who drink sweetened beverages occasionally. The findings of a new study presented over the weekend to the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions, indicate that two glasses of soda (or any other sugary drink) per day increase the chance of the above mentioned diseases four times. The study was first mentioned by Medical News Today.

During the AHA Scientific Sessions, that take place between 12 and 16 November in Orlando, Florida, a team of scientists led by Dr. Christina Shay conducted researches in order to find out if there was a connection between type 2 diabetes and heart diseases, and the amount of sugary drinks consumed as a habit. The hypothesis was found valid.

The study consisted in the analysis of a group of over 4,000 women with ages between 45 and 84, of different ethnicities, who drank two or more sugar-sweetened beverages. They were given questionnaires which measured food frequency. The tests, which were given from 2000 to 2002, revealed that those women had more chances of developing a larger waist and they were four times more at risk of developing high triglycerides, which are connected to the risk of heart disease.

“Women who drank more than two sugar-sweetened drinks a day had increasing waist sizes, but weren’t necessarily gaining weight”, said Dr. Shay. “This study showed that risk factors for heart disease and stroke developed even when the women didn’t gain weight”.
The link, however, is not valid in the case of men.

It is yet still unknown how exactly the drinks influence the risk of such diseases. The scientists are planning on studying the problem further, in order to understand what biological mechanisms take place behind it.

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