Study shows men are designed to live in family, not as bachelors

A new study shows that, despite the preconceptions so far, than men are not “designed” to be faithful, their bodies show a different truth: low testosterone levels measured in the first month after their babies were born indicate that they are actually destined to live in a family and not as bachelors.

It was known by now, that a woman’s perspective changes when she has a baby and she feels an unseen connection to the newborn. The latest research proved that this connection is present in men as well, although at another level.  Apparently, the body systems and functioning of men is created in such a way that as soon as they become parents, they do not feel the need for intimacy with their partner as often as before, synchronizing with her low sex drive in such a way that they are both more loyal to each other and concentrated on the new member of the family.

The study, led by the National Academy of Science, was conducted on 624 men, who were studied before and after becoming parents. The research included measuring the testosterone levels of the participants, which was significantly reduced in the first month after the baby was born.  In the few days after the birth, men had extremely reduced testosterone levels.

 Christopher Kuzawa, who led the study in Philippines said:“ Raising human offspring is such an effort that it is co-operative by necessity, and our study shows that human fathers are biologically wired to help with the job”.

According to the specialists, the low testosterone level does more than to assure the fidelity of the husband immediately after birth and co-interest him in the raising of his offspring. It also lowers the risk for a series of chronic health conditions.
The researchers are fascinated with the new finding that proves once again that both women and men are “designed” to live in families and not as singles. Dr. Allan Pacey from the University of Sheffield says that it is “intriguing” to see how the organisms of men “respond to family life”.

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