Study Says Weight Watchers Is Best Weight Loss Program

A study says when you want to drop some pounds, Weight Watchers is the best weight loss program. Researchers with Baruch College at the City University found that Weight Watchers is much more efficient than the behavioral weight-loss program.

Journal Obesity published this Tuesday a study evaluation the best weight loss program. A research on 141 overweight and obese people, concluded that the Weight Watchers diet is the best. The research shows that people can lose weight more affordably, at the $40 a month cost for Weight Watchers.

The study had 141 overweight and obese people separated in three groups, one on Weight Watchers for 48 weeks, another one in the behavioral weight-loss program and the last one on another Weight Watchers. People in the first group dropped 13 pounds in average each, whereas those in the behavioral-loss program lost 12 pounds. The last group had only an average of 8 pounds weight loss.

Weight Watchers ranked as the best diet for weight loss. The program was founded in 1963 and provides various dieting products and weight loss assistance. “Weight Watchers isn’t a diet; it’s a healthy way to live. Lose weight with weight loss plans developed by our experts and 45 years of experience” reads the company’s website.

Researchers say that Weight Watchers is so effective because of “a sense of belonging”. “When people who are working on a similar problem get together, they can support each other so they don’t feel alone in this weight-loss journey” explained Angela Pinto, lead researcher.

The study also shows that Weight Watchers is proof that people can lose weight in a more cost-effective way. The monthly Weight Watchers cost is about $40 and includes weekly meetings and access to program resources. The weight loss program is in some cases partly reimbursed by health insurance companies.

“That’s important for people to think about when they want to know what can facilitate sustained weight loss” Angela Pinto told ABC News.

Keith Ayoob added that staying motivated is essential in weight loss. “After a certain point, the ‘education process’ of weight loss becomes almost secondary to the staying motivated” explained the director of nutrition clinic Rose F. Kennedy Center at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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