Still Experiencing Crappy Wi-Fi Signal on Your iPhone 5? Try Linkase

Soon after the first iPhone 5s reached their new owners, the Internet and Apple forums were assaulted by complaints about crappy Wi-Fi signal. It was yet another blow to Apple, following the Apple Maps fiasco and the poor iPhone 5 battery life. In more than one way, it looked like iPhone 4S were working much, much better. The fastest smartphone in the world is insanely slow on Wi-Fi.

Some believed it was their wireless router that confused iPhone 5 to such an extent the device couldn’t sustain the connection for more than a few minutes. IT experts talked about a discrepancy between iPhone 5’s latest technology and routers that used obsolete technologies. It was recommended to try and switch the router over from WPA/WPA2 to WEP, a significantly less secure option. In the age when data theft is an everyday risk, that wasn’t exactly the advice people wanted to hear.

Even iPad owners complained about a similar problem after upgrading to iOS 6, although Apple support centers denied there was anything wrong with their firmware or the hardware. Both iPhone 5 and iPad users tried resetting their network settings which improved the Wi-Fi signal, but only for a few days. For some, the rollout of a new iOS 6 version helped ease things a bit, although the whole thing dented their trust in Apple once again.

So if you have upgraded your iOS 6 version to the latest that should have taken care of your iPhone 5’s Wi-Fi bug. If you’re still experiencing crappy WiFi issues on your iPhone you should consider investing in a case that features a technology that allows for better Wi-Fi reception.

Linkase is a new case for iPhone 5 that isn’t just the world’s thinnest product of its kind (so far) but also features an eye-catching technology, called EMW. Produced by Absolute Technology, EMW or electro magnetic waveguide is incorporated in the Linkase sliding mechanism and collaborates with the iPhone 5’s antenna to improve signal performance. The producer says it betters Wi-Fi reception up to 50 percent.

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