Stewart And Pattinson Say Goodbye To “Twilight”

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson released an interview for the Associated Press announcing their intentions to leave the “Twilight” series. The two actors have both declared that they are ready to part ways with the fantasy world and dedicate themselves to other type of projects.

A few days after the “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” premiere, Stewart and Pattinson announced that they will say ‘goodbye’ to the “Twilight Saga”. The news will most likely devastate fans considering that they have been through another major disappointment this summer when Kristen and Robert, decided to break up. The actress admitted in July that she had a brief affair with director Rupert Sanders and the story was speculated by tabloids for days on end.

The two on and off screen lovers told reporters that things are back to normal between them, so they only talked about their future career plans during the interview. The two agreed that their lives changed completely after the completion of the first film in 2008. Stewart was only 17 years old when she starred in the first “Twilight Saga” movie and she admits that she has been through numerous changes ever since.

Global fame was one of the most difficult aspects that the two actors had to confront since they first played the parts of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen. They confessed during the interview that they were forced to hide themselves from the press; thus, jeopardizing the “fuel” that enables them to be good actors. Despite the increasing popularity, Stewart and Pattinson have always wanted their “Twilight” films to be successful even though they knew that their personal lives would be disturbed by the media’s attention.

The time has come, however, for the two actors to part ways with the “Twilight” series, and dedicate their attention to new projects. They will both miss playing their characters, but they also feel relieved knowing that the end of the story was finally told.

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