Steven Tyler Talks About Aerosmith Vs. American Idol

Last month, Steven Tyler announced he decided to leave “American Idol” and focus on his first love, Aerosmith. In a recent interview with L.A. Weekly, Steven Tyler talked about Aerosmith, “American Idol” and life after the Fox show.

It was obviously hard for Steven Tyler to stay on track with his duties on “American Idol” and in Aerosmith. For the past two seasons of “American Idol”, the Aerosmith frontman would sneak off to meet the rest of the band and work on their most recent album. In his interview with L.A. Weekly, Steven Tyler talked about his life at the end of two years in the judging panel of “American Idol”.

“It was veni vidi vici, baby. We came, we saw, we needed a Kleenex and a cigarette” Steven Tyler said of the past two years. That gig spelled hard times for Aerosmith too at a time when the band was already in a rough patch. Steven Tyler getting on board with “American Idol” was just the last thing that “shook the apple cart”.

“Instead of being happy for me, there was a lot of jealousy, but it worked out” Steven Tyler told L.A. Weekly. “It was a risk for me, too, but I just wanted to sit next to J. Lo and Randy” the rock star added. Aerosmith’s frontman confessed he “never watched Idol”.  In the end, as Joe Perry, said in the same interview, “the band never really goes away”.

“We’re in this club that we all signed onto a long, long time ago. It’s been such a way of life that the idea of it not being there doesn’t occur” said Joe Perry.

 “The band has always been my main thing. We just had a hiatus. And it wasn’t 10 years because we were [messed up]. It was 10 years of being busy getting ready” said Steven Tyler of  “Music From Another Dimension”.

Aerosmith is currently working on its first studio album in a decade. “Music From Another Dimension” will be released November 6th and as Joe Perry said it “is the first record we’ve done in a long time where the band got together and actually hammered out the arrangements and the whole vibe of each song”.

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