Steven Tyler: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been married too long

Rocker Steven Tyler believes that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have been married too long for them to get over each other so fast. The American Idol judge told the Us Magazine that he feels Jen “still has Marc”.

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, 63, recently gave his opinion about American Idol fellow judge Jennifer Lopez to Us Weekly. He said that he believes Jen is “gorgeous”  and “very sweet”, but she is now in a state of inner cleansing after the divorce from husband Marc Anthony. “She’s exuding this energy and this pulse from her heart”, he told the magazine on Friday. The singer insisted on the exodus of the “Marc energy”, saying “she’s got this thing about her, you know, she still has Marc… They’ve just been married too long.”

Tyler adds that Lopez is “as fine as can be” for a woman that just got divorced after being married for seven years. “[She’s] jumping into new ventures, be that her clothing line or the next [Idol] contestant, or a boyfriend or her babies”, he said. Tyler got deeper and referred to both Jen and himself when saying talking about the inner child everybody has inside. “Behind all that, she’s really a little baby girl… We all have a face but there’s a little baby boy in me…”

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony signed the divorce papers in July. In August, Lopez announced that she will be returning as a judge to American Idol.  In late August, the salsa singer said he will always love his ex-wife and the cause of their split was the fact that the relationship has run its course. He denied all rumors saying he cheated on Jen. Since then, Lopez has been romantically linked to actor Bradley Cooper. However, she and Anthony seem to have a good relationship, as she made him a surprise visit on his birthday on September, bringing the kids to their former residence, where Marc lives at the moment. He still refers to Jen and the kids as his family. Days after his birthday, he told Us Weekly that being with his family and spending time with his kids was the best present he got.

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