Steven Spielberg to take new Project

Famous Hollywood director Steven Spielberg will take a new project. The legendary director will be involved in the making of Roald Dhal Classic: The BFG. 

This will be an adaption of the famous story for the big screen. The Hollywood Reporter was the one to reveal that Spielberg will actually work on this project with Melissa Mathison. The project will be a live-action movie based on the popular 1982 classic children’s story. 

Reports reveal that the movie will be out in 2016, while production will start at the beginning of 2015. The project is expected to be so great that numerous fans already are extremely anxious to discover more about the release. 

The story is always considered to be highly interesting by the little ones. It is focused on the life of a young orphaned girl who becomes friends with Big Friendly Giant. Steven Spielberg said that he is very much willing to evoke the original illustration of Quentin Blake, but this is not going to be simple at all. Of course, there is a great challenge for Spielberg now: to find the right cast to perfectly play each of these roles. 

Each time when Steven Spielberg takes a new project, the interest surrounding it is absolutely great. The BFG could make no exception from this point of view. The book was first published in 1982. In 1989, it was turned into an animated movie. The title BFG actually means Big, Friendly Giant. 

The new movie will in fact be the first directorial project for Steven Spielberg since the release of Lincoln. At some point it was reported that Steven Spielberg was set to direct the Robopocalypse, but apparently the movie was put on hold. Moreover, the name of the famous movie director has been linked to another much expected project, American Sniper. 

Various directors were said to be involved in the project, many names being speculated after the purchase of the right to the book by DreamWorks, back in 2011. 

The truth is that each project in which Steven Spielberg is involved can be as interesting as possible. It is yet to see what fans will think about the BFG and how it will be received in the United States, but not only. 

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